1. Sentence added to the following sections:

    Blocking is identified as the act of creating interference with contact.

  2. Paragraph added to the following sections:

    A maximum of 2 players wearing an ineligible number (50 — 69) will be allowed to line up in an eligible position as an end or in the backfield after reporting to the referee prior to a scrimmage play. The referee will inform the opposing team and all officials of the player number and position he will be playing.

  3. Sentence added to the following section:

    A legal forward pass is thrown by any Team A player from a point behind the scrimmage line, towards the opponents Dead Line, to any eligible receiver or receivers. The ball shall not touch the ground, any part of the goal post assembly, an official or any other object. The ball is considered to be in the possession of Team A until the pass is ruled completed or incomplete. The passing motion begins when the passers hand, with the ball in possession, begins moving forward.

  4. Paragraph added to the following section:

    (o) Unnecessary physical contact, including but not limited to, running into, diving into, cut blocking or throwing the body on a player who is:

    1. out of play, or
    2. should not have reasonably anticipated such contact by an opponent, before or after the ball is dead; throwing a ball carrier to the ground after the ball is dead.


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