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CFLdb is interested in displaying interesting, unique and historical Canadian football materials. Individuals have inquired about our interest and ability to receive such materials in the past, and so we have come up with a loan policy.

CFLdb does not want to be caretakers or curators for original, historic, physical items such as photographs and other memorabilia. If you are looking for a place to donate materials rather than see them destroyed, please contact the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum or the CFL.

Of special interest to CFLdb are historical (pre-1980) rule books, schedules, guides or other promotional material with content explaining the game, league or other aspects. Interest is not restricted to CFL, but predecessor and other leagues as well, including non-professional leagues.

I can receive digital copies of personal photographs or other unique materials for display on CFLdb. If you do not have the ability to make a digital copy of the item(s), please contact me anyway and I may be able to assist. Please note the following guidelines for loaned material:

  • Please contact me before sending any material so I may confirm my interest in it.
  • If physical material must be loaned (electronic scanning of documents such as rulebooks is not available), CFLdb will pay the shipping costs both ways. Every effort will be made to electronically copy the material without damaging it and to return it promptly.
  • If possible, record the background and story of the material, including naming any people featured in photographs, the photographer if known, and the ownership history of the item(s).
  • State terms of display — length of loan, featured status, acknowledgement requirements, etc.
  • Loaned items will not be used for commercial purposes.

Items will only be displayed on CFLdb for the accepted loan period negotiated (which may be perpetual). After the expiry of this term, the item shall be removed from any CFLdb site and all digital copies destroyed.

If acceptable terms cannot be negotiated or if the items provided are not of the acceptable quality or interest of CFLdb, they will not be of interest.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ease any concern of donors over the loss of rights or control of their donations. Accepting digital copies only for display on the site and removing them in accordance to the terms specified will allow donors to a peace of mind when it comes to their donated materials while sharing them with a wider audience.

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