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There are no active promotions at this time. Please check later or watch the home page/RSS feed or Twitter for announcements.

Privacy Information

  1. Contact information is kept for the length of promotion and then deleted for non-drawn participants.
  2. Other than contact validation and being notified as a recipient of a promotion draw, participants will not be contacted in any way by CFLdb, nor will CFLdb sell or provide contact information to any other party.
  3. Submission of contact information is done over a secure connection.

Terms and Conditions

  1. One entry per person. Multiple entries by the same individual using different contact information will result in disqualification of entries and a lifetime ban.
  2. Participants who are drawn for a promotion will be required to provide their name and city, which will be published on the site indefinitely. Contact information will not be published.
  3. By registering for a promotion by submitting contact information in the above form, you explictly agree to these terms.

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