Expanded use of Instant Replay

In addition to Defensive Pass Interference, Coaches will be able to challenge: Illegal Contact, Offensive Pass Interference, Illegal Interference on a Forward Pass, No Yards, Roughing the Passer, Roughing and Contacting the Kicker, and Called Illegal Blocks on Kick Plays.

Rule 1.7.6 (page 17) – Instant Replay Review

Rule 10.2.3 (page 69) – Coach Reviewable Penalties

Institute a Video Official

Expand the use of video to quickly fix errors with called penalties, penalty applications, penalty administration, timing and boundary issues.

Rule 10.3 (page 73) – Video Official Reviews

Kickoff Point after Field Goals

Require teams to kickoff after making a field goal after the 3 minute warning in the 4th quarter.

Rule 3.2.2 (page 29) – Field Goals

Rule 5.2.1 (page 40) – Points Of Kickoff

Offensive Lineman

Allow Team A lineman flexibility to move while in a three or four point stance.

Rule 4.5.3 (page 36) – Linemen Stance And Motion

Peel Back Blocks

Expand the definition to include all Team A players and make a Peel Back block illegal anywhere on the field.

Rule 7.2.9 (page 57) – Peel Back Block

Push Blocking

Make it illegal to push-block a teammate towards the opponent’s dead ball line when they are in field goal and kicked convert formations.

Rule 7.2.3q (page 56) – Unnecessary Roughness

Rule 7.2.10 (page 58) – Push Blocking

Offsetting Penalties

Create the concept and application of offsetting penalties.

Rule 8.3.3 – (page 61) – Dual Fouls – Offsetting Penalties

Rule 8.3.4a – (page 61) – Dual Fouls – No Change In Possession

Rule 8.3.5a – (page 62) – Dual Fouls – Change In Possession

Automatic Review of Unsuccessful 2-point Converts

Unsuccessful 2-point converts will be automatically reviewed by the Replay Official.

Rule 10.2.2 (page 68) – Standard Reviewable Aspects

NOTE: All 2016 rule changes have been printed in bold throughout the Rule Book.


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