CFL/CFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement

The current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the CFL and CFLPA was ratified May 22, 2019. Media reports have listed highlights of the deal from undisclosed sources, but an official summary or actual copy of the agreement has yet to be released as of May 22. The agreement lasts three years through the 2021 season, expiring the day before the 2022 training camp starts.

Some details of the roster makeup changes introduced with the 2019 CBA can be found in the summary on the roster cutdown article.

The previous Collective Bargaining Agreement between the CFL and CFLPA was ratified June 13, 2014.

CFLCFLPA Collective Agreement 2014 (pdf) Includes Appendices A, B, C, D courtesy reader Lee Boyko. A text searchable (note: 6x larger) version of the CFLCFLPA Collective Agreement 2014 (pdf) is also available courtesy CFLdb.

For historical purposes, a summary of the 2010 agreement and the new performance enhancing drug testing policy are available.

If you can provide a copy of any official CFL documents, please contact me. Please do not link directly to the any documents, but link to this page instead.

For reference, here are copies of the previous CBA’s.

The following appendices have been provided by anonymous benefactors of CFLdb (Note: these are the appendices included with the 2006 CBA and are not the most current documents as passed by the Board of Governors):

These are not current documents, and, like all things on CFLdb, are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only.

The book International sports law and business, Volume 1 includes case law from a few CFL franchise vs. player lawsuits along with other Canadian football legal discussions.

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