1. Rule 1, Section 7 Article 5 — Team Time Out

    Restriction previously placed on team time outs limiting their use to one per half has been removed.

    Sentences added:

    Each team shall be granted two time outs per game and will be permitted to use them at any point during regulation time, subject to the following:

    1. the time out may be requested by any player on the field, or the Head Coach, and may be directed to any official on the field,
    2. the time out shall be 30 seconds in duration,
    3. the game time will resume on the snap,
    4. a team shall not be permitted to request or use a second time out in the same dead ball period in which they have used a time out,
    5. a team may use only one time out in the last three minutes of the fourth quarter.
  2. Instant Replay — Not Reviewable Plays

    Field Goal attempts and kicked Concert attempts have been added to the list of automatically reviewed aspects of play, regardless if they are ruled successful or not by the on-field officials.

    Sentence added to Reviewable Play Types:

    1. Scoring Plays

    All scoring plays will be automatically reviewed by the Replay Official in the command centre. This shall include attempts of Field Goals and kicked Converts that have been ruled unsuccessful.

NOTE: All 2013 rule changes have been printed in bold.


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