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Timeout requirements to use Instant Replay

A team must have a time-out remaining in order to initiate a challenge. If the challenge is unsuccessful prior to the 3 minute warning being given in the 4th quarter, the team will lose a time-out.

Rule 1.7.3 (page 17) – Instant Replay Review

Rule 10.2.3 (page 70) – Coach Reviewable Penalties

No longer allow a coach to challenge following TV commercial timeouts

A team must initiate a challenge within 30 seconds of the start of any TV commercial timeout.

Rule 10.2.3 (page 70) – Coach Reviewable Penalties

Expand Role of Video Official

Expand the authority of the Video Official to correct errors by either changing a called penalty or creating a new penalty when a flag has been thrown by an on-field official in specific situations.

Rule 10.3 (page 73) – Video Official Reviews

Receiving Team Substitution on Kick Plays

It shall be illegal after a substitution on a kicking play for a Team B player who has never taken position inside the numbers (11 yards from the sideline) and is adjacent to the Team B bench area to receive a lateral pass on that play.

Rule 1.11.6 (page 25) – Team B Substitution on Kick Plays

Change all 10 Yard Illegal Low Blocks on Kick Plays and After Change of Possession to 15 Yard Unnecessary Roughness Penalties

It shall be illegal to block an opponent below the waist in the following circumstances:

  1. On a kick off commencing the moment the ball is kicked,

    Rule 5.2.5 (page 41) – Interference by Team B

    Rule 5.2.6 (page 41) – Interference by Team A

  2. By the receiving team, on a punt, field goal and kicked convert, on any kicking team player who has crossed the line of scrimmage,

    Rule 5.4.5a (page 44) – Interference on Kick from Scrimmage

  3. By the kicking team on a punt, field goal or kicked convert after the ball has been kicked across the line of scrimmage,

    Rule 5.4.7 (page 44) – Interference by Kicking Team

  4. On an open field kick after the ball is kicked,

    Rule 5.4.6 (page 44) – Interference on Open-Field Kick

  5. By the kicking team, after recovering a kick across the line of scrimmage,

    Rule 5.4.9 (page 45) – Recovery of Own kick

    Rule 9.2.1b (page 66) – Interference on Scrimmage Plays

  6. After an interception or fumble recovery.

    Rule 6.4.11 (page 52) – Interference Following an Interception

    Rule 9.2.1b (page 66) – Interference on Scrimmage Plays

Rule 7.2.3q (page 56) – Unnecessary Roughness

Rule 7.2.11 (page 58) – Blocking Below the Waist

NOTE: All 2017 rule changes have been printed in bold throughout the Rule Book.