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Based on the information visitors to the CFLdb family of sites are seeking, I have a number of ideas that I need assistance to get started and complete. This page will serve as the location to describe these projects and ask for assistance. Have your own idea on what information is needed on CFLdb and how it can be collected? Submit your project plans through the contact page.

Assistant Coaches

Assistant coach names and roles have been added from 1981 to present. Help is needed to fill in the following gaps:

  • Assistant coaches for 1982 and 1983 for most teams
  • Assistant coach roles for 1981 and 1984 for most teams
  • Complete and verify assistant coaches for Memphis for 1995
  • Complete assistant coaches for Hamilton for 2010
  • Assistant coaches and roles for all teams for 1980 and prior (Winnipeg mostly complete (thanks Cathy, Jim), please check team season pages)

This information can come from any source, most likely source will be game programs or team media guides and fact books. If you have such references and can provide electronic copies for verification, please contact me.


To keep a complete record of rulebooks, I am in need of the 2012 and 2014 Rulebook. Neither were available from in PDF format and I have been unable to source an electronic copy through the league, nor a physical copy of the 2014 version. If you have a copy you are willing to scan electronically or loan to me, that would be appreciated and would help complete the versions available for reference on CFLdb.

I plan on extending the rulebook history but only have a copy for the following years: 1980-1996. If you have rulebooks from the seasons below and are willing to loan, copy electronically or sell, please contact me.

  • 1997-2006
  • pre-1980 versions, especially versions prior to it being rewritten in 1966
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