Donations to CFLdb

I accept donations of books or other materials from anyone who wishes to express their gratitude for the work done here. Please see my wishlist below for a list of wanted material.

  • Disaster on Mount Slesse: The Story of Western Canada’s Worst Air Crash by Betty O’Keefe and Ian MacDonald
  • Older books and materials that document important parts of the game
  • CFL Rulebooks or other technical materials
  • Contact me for more. I have read some of the older books but don’t have a copy and there are many I haven’t read

Of special interest to CFLdb are historical (pre-1980) rule books, schedules, guides or other promotional material with content explaining the game, league or other aspects. Interest is not restricted to CFL, but predecessor and other leagues as well, including non-professional leagues.

I can receive digital copies of personal photographs or other unique materials for display on CFLdb. If you do not have the ability to make a digital copy of the item(s), please contact me anyway and I may be able to assist. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Please contact me before sending any material so I may confirm my interest in it.
  • If physical material is to be provided (electronic scanning of documents is not available or feasible), CFLdb will pay the shipping costs.
  • If possible, record the background and story of the material, including naming any people featured in photographs, the photographer if known, and the ownership history of the item(s).
  • While accepted as donations, contributors often receive tokens of appreciation in accordance with the size of their donation.
  • CFLdb does not purchase collections from estates or collectors. I have neither the time, interest, space or funds to save all materials from destruction.
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