Donations to CFLdb

I accept donations of books or other materials from anyone who wishes to express their gratitude for the work done here. Please see my wishlist below for a list of wanted material.

  • Disaster on Mount Slesse: The Story of Western Canada’s Worst Air Crash by Betty O’Keefe and Ian MacDonald
  • Older books and materials that document important parts of the game
  • CFL Rulebooks or other technical materials
  • Contact me for more. I have read some of the older books but don’t have a copy and there are many I haven’t read


I have been asked by a few for a donation button on the site so they could contribute a few bucks in gratitude for the work done here. I have hesitated to do so because I don’t want that to appear to be the reason I do this for the few people that would use it.

However, I do have many plans for adding and expanding the sites. To do so more quickly than the pace now requires dedicated time. So if you are inclined to make a large commitment of sponsorship that would allow that, please contact me to discuss. There are many creative ways such an arrangement can be made.