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While redirects are in place, please link to secure https pages rather than http. If you copy links from the address bar, this will be the correct secure https link. If possible, update existing links to https and you will receive my utmost appreciation.

CFLdb has some special features allowing you to link direct to content on specific pages on the FAQ or Rulebook sections. Direct linking helps those following links to be directed to the correct content rather than search the page for what you are referring to. Savy web users will understand once it has been pointed out to them. In case anyone has trouble, I explain it in detail below.

FAQ Linking

On the FAQ main index page, click on the question desired. This will take you to the FAQ topic page navigated to that specific question and answer. You may copy the URL from the address field or copy from the question heading. When hovering over the question, a chain link icon will appear to the right of the question (it should be visible without hovering for touch screen devices). Right click on the icon, and depending on your browser select Copy Link, Copy Link Location or Copy Link Address. Now you may paste the link where ever you require it. If you did not navigate to the FAQ page or have been browsing, you can follow the same procedure to get a direct link to the question from the link chain icon to the right of the question heading.

Rulebook Linking

The Rulebook works very similarly. Each page of the rulebook can be linked to directly, which is appropriate when you are referencing the whole section. When you need to link directly to an article, part or note, many of these have anchor links also which appear when the title, point or note is hovered over (visible always on touch enabled devices). Once the chain link icon appears, right click, Copy Link and paste where ever required. This allows you to direct people to the specific section of the page you are referring to, which is helpful when referencing or explaining specific rules. If you cannot direct link to a specific point, link to the Article and indicate which point you are referencing.


For all other links, including CFLdb Statistics and CFLdb Razzle Dazzle, copying the page link is sufficient to direct people to the content required.

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