1. Rule 1 Conduct of the Game - Section 8 Tie Game – Sentence added: If the score is a touchdown, the convert attempt must be a two point attempt scrimmaged from the 5-yard line. (Page 17)
  2. Rule 3 Scoring – Section 2 Article 2 Field Goal - Amended to read: After a field goal, the team scored against may scrimmage or kickoff from its own 35-yard line or require the scoring team to kickoff from its 35-yard line. (Page 27)
  3. Rule 4 Scrimmage – Section 2 Article 3 Offside at the Snap – Sentence added: If a team A player clearly crosses the line of scrimmage by more than one yard, prior to the snap of the ball, the officials shall stop the play immediately and apply a penalty. (Page 31)
  4. Rule 5 Kicking – Section 4 Kick from Scrimmage and Open-field Kick Article 1 Restriction on Offside Player (no yards) – Amended to read: If the offside Team A player is inadvertently touched first by the ball, which has previously hit the ground, and has made no attempt to “play” the ball in any way, the penalty will be L5 from PBT (point ball touched). (Page 41)
  5. Rule 6 Passing – Section 4 Article 10 Interference by Both Teams – Amended to read: (b)(ii) If a player commits pass interference when a forward pass is deemed uncatchable, no penalty for pass interference shall be applied. (Page 48)


  1. Rule 1 Conduct of the Game – Section 9 Article 8 Illegal Participation – Second sentence added: When a player goes out of bounds as a result of bodily contact, he is not required to remain out of the continuing play. However, in order to participate further, he must re-establish himself in the field of play with at least one foot in bounds and no contact with out of bounds. (Page 19)
  2. Rule 4 Scrimmage – Section 2 Article 3 Offside at the Snap – Wording added: If a Team B player enters the neutral zone within one yard of the line of scrimmage causing a Team A player in the immediate proximity to move before the ball is snapped, Team B shall be subject to a penalty for offside. (Page 32)
  3. Rule 5 Kicking – Section 4 Article 2 Onside Player – Wording added: If the kicker or onside player and a Team B player simultaneously recover the ball, possession shall be awarded to the receiving team at the point the ball was touched. (Page 41)

Note: All 2010 rule changes have been printed in bold.


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