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CFLdb, The Canadian Football League Database, is a central library for all things CFL related. This site, the original, hosts commentary, links, the CFL Rulebook, schedules, an extensive FAQ, information on the CBA and more. The sister site, CFLdb Statistics The Canadian Football Statistics Database, is a repository for data and statistics, such as schedules, results, attendance, team rosters and player participation, coaching terms and records, owners and standings from 1907 to present for the CFL and its predecessors and other early senior football unions in Canada.

Sourcing, compiling and verifying information is a large amount of work so all help is appreciated. If you have information you can provide in any format, it will be gladly accepted, or if you have time to assist in verifying, analyzing or compiling data, please contact CFLdb to discuss. All contributions will be appropriately accredited as specified (you may remain anonymous).

How to Help

CFLdb is looking for help in the following areas:

  • data and sources of information
    • corrections to errors on the site
    • complete missing information (game times of older schedules, television broadcasters and ratings)
    • stadium, coach, owner information (newspaper clippings or other sources)
  • contributions of research and long-form articles
  • testing the site in various browsers for issues (specifically in IE)
  • web design advice on font selection and site layout, etc.
  • technological help with front end code — CSS, HTML5, grid layout, mobile design, responsive layout, etc.

All contributions will be accredited appropriately as specified by the contributor. If you are interested please contact us.


In addition to sources listed in specific sections or posts, the following have served as general sources for this site.

  • The Canadian Football League Facts, Figures & Records, 1985-2014 Editions
  • The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia, 2011-2013 Editions
  • CFL.ca
  • Canadian Press and local newspaper articles
  • Wikipedia
  • CFLapedia
  • Many of the books listed on the CFL Books page
  • Fans like you

Original Content

All original content on the site, including articles, Single Point links, Stadium Statuses, FAQ, feeds, etc. is copyright CFLdb and is not to be reproduced without permission from CFLdb.

Linking Policy

Thank you for linking to CFLdb. While redirects are in place, please link to secure https addresses rather than http (and it is appreciated if any http links can be updated to https). Please play nice and link respectfully to content pages, not directly to media files like pdfs and videos. Page links will provide a permanent link while media file names and locations may change. Basically, anything on media.cfldb.ca should not be linked to directly. If hot-linking becomes problematic, measures will be taken to block direct links. Directions on linking direct to content on FAQ and Rulebook pages can be found on the Tips on Linking to CFLdb page.

Visitors are encouraged to subscribe to calendars published on CFLdb, however, be nice and remove the calendar or stop the subscription after the season is over so this site doesn’t have to server 1000’s of update requests a day from a Blackberry for a 2009 schedule.

CFLdb is properly written with uppercase CFL and lowercase db. This was changed from all lowercase in January 2014.

Take Down Notices

Please use the contact form or admin email for any take down notices. They will be addressed promptly if proper grounds for removal are provided.

Who is Behind the Site

CFLdb is powered by CFL fans and enthusiasts like you who submit information, sources, links, common questions and their answers on CFL topics, report issues or errors and suggest ideas of what they would like to see added. A lone caretaker at this time manages the site with a long term goal of turning it over to the CFL community.

Contact CFLdb

Have something to say? Please send questions, information and critiques to CFLdb via our contact form, by email or reach out on Twitter @cfldb.


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