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The 2021 CFL schedule is out.

The revised 14-game 2021 CFL schedule was released June 15, 2021.

2021 Schedule

November 21, 2020

Though 2021 schedules are provided below in a number of formats, at the release of the 2021 CFL Schedule, not all information is known and available.

The Pre-season television schedule is unknown at present and will be added when published. The Canadian Regular Season broadcast schedule is assumed to be TSN, but certain games may be carried only on specific TSN channels rather than the full network. When more detailed information is available, the schedules will be republished. The American ESPN broadcast schedule is unknown at present and usually is released very close to the start of the Regular Season and is only known 1-2 months ahead of time. Updates will be published as additional games for broadcast on ESPN networks are known.

The Toronto Argonauts are indicating their Season Ticket packages are for 8 regular season games. This may indicate that their pre-season game, as has occurred for a few years, will not be sold to the public, instead tickets are distributed to school kids. The evidence against this happening is that the game is listed as occurring at BMO Field (normally pre-season games for youth have been hosted at Varsity Stadium) and the game is slated for a 7:30 PM ET start and the student game is usually hosted during school hours. That could mean the program has expanded due to the availability of BMO field in 2021. In addition, 1 regular season game is missing from the ticket packages, indicating the possibility of a neutral site game. The 2020 season had Toronto hosting Saskatchewan in Halifax for Touchdown Atlantic, and the opportunity for that occurs Aug. 28, 2021. To be clear, neither the CFL or the Argos have indicated there will be a TD Atlantic in 2021. It is also possible the Argonauts website is still reflecting 2020 season details for season tickets.

If there are any changes to game locations, dates or times due to these possibilities, schedules will be updated here to reflect the updated information as soon after these changes are known as possible or this notice will be removed once the current schedule is confirmed.

Television Schedules

Printable schedules are listed below. As stated in the FAQ, if you have a schedule you have the English language television schedule as all regular season and playoff games are televised on TSN through the end of the 2021 season after the initial agreement for the 2014-2018 seasons (with a network option for the 2019 season) was extended in 2015. (Note: The CFL/TSN announced an extension of their broadcast agreement partnership at Grey Cup 2019, but no details on length or other parameters have been made available).

The blackout policy may be in effect. The 2021 CFL schedule was published on Nov. 20, 2020.

To receive the CFL schedule on your smartphone calendar, tweet #Schedule to @CFL for the English calendar or #CalendrierLCF to @LCFca for the French calendar (requires Twitter account). Otherwise, use the CFL schedule calendar site or use the options below.

The CFL entered into a new multi-year agreement with ESPN in 2019 to carry CFL games in the US, with a minimum of 20 games including one division final and the Grey Cup being broadcast each season and the remaining games on ESPN+.

CFLdb Consumable Full 2021 CFL Schedule

Provided in csv (comma separated values) format, opens in most spreadsheet applications (Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel) and imports into database applications for use in custom applications. Columns: Week, Game Number, Game Date/Time (UTC), Game Date/Time (ET), Visitor, Home.

Standard text abbreviations are used for teams, you will have to translate to your own identifiers if desired.

Please report all errors and formatting issues that you notice on downloaded schedules.

CFLdb Printable Full 2021 CFL Schedules

Printed schedules are usually available from team ticket offices by early June each year or downloadable on some team websites after the schedule is released. CFLdb provides printable schedules below in PDF format as well as the updated results on CFLdb’s 2021 Schedule and Results page. These will be updated as broadcasters and other information is updated, confirmed and changed.

One page CFL schedules in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format for multiple time zones provided by CFLdb. Print double-sided short-edge binding and tri-fold.

Latest version published: v20201121

CFLdb Printable Full 2021 CFL Team Schedules

One page printable full team schedules in team’s local timezone. Have a special request for a team’s schedule in another timezone? Contact me and I can produce one. These will be updated as broadcasters and other information is updated, confirmed and changed.

Compact schedules are A6 postcard sized (4.1” x 5.8”). They can be printed on larger paper if A6 size is not supported (do not scale to fit, scale to 100% and cut to size for compact version).

Latest version published: v20201121

CFLdb 2021 Full CFL and Home Team Schedules (iCal)

Subscription enabled CFL and Team home schedules in iCal format provided by CFLdb. Please remember to delete the calendar or end the subscription once the season is over to reduce update requests on CFLdb servers. Consider using the official CFL calendar schedules rather than the CFLdb versions unless you have a specific need for these.

Hint: If you subscribe to each team’s home schedule, you will have the complete CFL schedule and you can colour code each team’s home games, which is not possible with the CFL full schedule.

Latest version published: v20201121

Official 2021 Schedules

Full schedules available in all time zones courtesy To get the CFL schedule added to the calendar on your smartphone, tweet #Schedule to @CFL for the English calendar or #CalendrierLCF to @LCFca for the French calendar (requires Twitter account).

TSN 2021 CFL Schedule

CFL Historical Schedules

CFLdb Statistics has schedules dating back to 1907 for the IRFU and 1936 for the WIFU. Follow the schedule link from the league season page.

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