Restrictions in Formation and Movement of Kicking Team Players on Punts

On scrimmage plays in which Team A punts the ball across the line of scrimmage, the interior block of five ineligible players may not advance beyond the Scrimmage Zone until the ball is kicked.

Rule 4.5.3 – (page 36) - Identification & Positions

Rule 5.4.8 (new) – (page 45) - Illegally Downfield on a Kick

Five yard No Yards Penalty

Penalty will automatically be applied at PBD or PPG (whichever is better).

Rule 5.4.1(c) (page 43)

Illegal Contact by Receivers and Defenders Prior to a Pass Being Thrown

New restrictions limiting where and how Receivers and Defenders may contact each other are defined.

Rule 6.4.8 (page 50) - Interference Before a Pass is Thrown

Line of Scrimmage on Converts

Two point convert attempts will be scrimmaged from the 3 yard line, and 1 point convert attempts will be scrimmaged from the 25 yard line.

Mandatory two point attempts in overtime will be scrimmaged on the 3 yard line.

Rule 1.8 (page 19) – TIE GAME

Rule 3.2.5 (page 31) – Convert

Rule 6.4.9 (page 51) – Team B Interference (iii)

Rule 8.5.1 (page 63) – Foul on Convert

Kickoff Going Out of Bounds

Removed the option to have Team A re-kick.

Rule 5.2.2(b) (page 41)

Request for Measurement

Removed the ability of captains (and coaches) to request a measurement if the ball is within one yard of the first down marker.

Rule 1, 6 (page 15) – Team Captains

Rule 2, 2, 2 (Page 27) – The Referee

Eligibility of Slot Backs

Removed the restriction of slot backs having to be five yards outside the tackle at the snap to remain eligible.

Rule 6.4.4 (page 49) – Eligibility of Receiver – NOTE

NOTE: All 2015 rule changes have been printed in bold throughout the Rule Book.


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