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This section contains the latest status of stadium improvement or replacement projects in CFL and potential CFL cities. The Status of CFL Stadiums was inspired as a living status document by CFLdb’s earlier 2009 post on the State of the Stadiums. Mike Beamish of the Vancouver Sun with the help of beat reporters across the league ranked CFL stadiums in Aug. 2015. Earlier, the Toronto Star reviewed the stadium situation of all CFL cities in 2013 and the National Post also did a State of the Stadiums article in August, 2010.

Some CFLdb Razzle Dazzle infographics present the stadium orientation of CFL stadiums and the stadium attributes (surface, type, name) in 2012.

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City (Team) Stadium Type Surface Capacity
Existing Franchises
Calgary (Calgary Stampeders) McMahon Stadium Open Air Artificial 35,400
Edmonton (Edmonton Elks) Commonwealth Stadium Open Air Artificial 55,6141
Hamilton (Hamilton Tiger-Cats) Tim Hortons Field Open Air Artificial 24,300 2
Montreal (Montreal Alouettes) Percival Molson Memorial Stadium Open Air Artificial 20,0253
Stade Olympique / Olympic Stadium Fixed Roof Artificial 54,0004
Ottawa (Ottawa RedBlacks) TD Place at Lansdowne Park Open Air Artificial 24,656 5
Regina (Saskatchewan Roughriders) Mosaic Stadium Open Air 6 Artificial 33,350 7
Toronto (Toronto Argonauts) BMO Field Open Air Natural/Artificial8 27,000 9
Vancouver (BC Lions) BC Place Stadium Retractable Roof Artificial 52,46510
Winnipeg (Winnipeg Blue Bombers) IG Field (Investors Group Field) Open Air Artificial 33,422
Potential Franchise Sites
Halifax Huskies Stadium Open Air Artificial 4,000 11
Moncton Stadé Croix-Bleue Medavie Stadium (Stadé Moncton 2010 Stadium) Open Air Natural/Artificial 12 20,973 13
Saint John Jeux Canada Games Stadium Open Air Natural 10,000-25,000 14
Quebec City Telus Stadium/Stadé TELUS-Université Laval (PEPS Stadium) Open Air Artificial 12,257 15
Other Sites
Wolfville Raymond Field Open Air Artificial 10,000 16
Victoria Royal Athletic Park Open Air Natural 3,800 17
Langford Starlight Stadium Open Air Artificial 6,000 18

1 – Listed capacity for Commonwealth Stadium post-seat replacement. Capacity normally limited to approximately 42,000 due to end-zone seating restrictions.
2 – Listed capacity for Tim Hortons Field. Highest announced attendance has been 25,093 for a regular season game in 2019 and 25,177 for a 2019 playoff game. General admission capacity is estimated to be in the 24,000 range, with club seating and VIP suites bringing total capacity to over 25,000.
3 – Listed capacity for Percival Molson Memorial Stadium. Capacity reduced in 2019 from 25,012 to bring more open and social areas to the stadium.
4 – Current listed capacity for Olympic Stadium. Holds the CFL attendance record at 69,093, and has seen attendance over 70,000 for other events. Last game played at Olympic Stadium was 2012 playoff game, last Grey Cup hosted was in 2008 and last regular season game it hosted was in 2007.
5 – Highest listed capacity of TD Place stadium (most recently listed as 24,000). Largest unexpanded announced attendance is 25,161 in 2018. Capacity at Frank Clair Stadium at Lansdowne Park for last CFL game hosted was 29,862.
6 – Designed with a roof structure covering most seats, the stadium is “roof-ready” to add a permanent enclosed roof, though no time-table is set for doing so.
7 – General admission seating capacity of new Mosaic stadium, excluding club seating and suites. Total capacity including club, loge and suites is 35,270 with the press box having an additional capacity for 150 persons.
8 – For football, the main field is natural grass, with the additional end zone areas needed for football are artificial. The end zones have been reported to be 17-yards deep.
9 – Seats 30,991 for soccer. Reported to seat 27,000 for football.
10 – Listed capacity for BC Place Stadium. BC Lions restrict seating to lower bowl for regular season games, reducing capacity to approximately 28-29,000.
11 – Previous permanent seating capacity was 4,000 until stadium grandstand was demolished in 2014. The same capacity is listed for the current temporary bleachers and grass areas. Stadium site was expanded to 11,000 with temporary seating for a CFL exhibition game in 2005, and the same for 2023 Touchdown Atlantic.
12 – Main playing field is artificial turf, end zones are natural turf for football configuration.
13 – Capacity for 2011 CFL game hosted, the stadium has approximately 10,000 permanent seats. The 2013 game only provided for 16,000 spectators. City owned temporary bleacher seating in the end zones brings it to the listed capacity.
14 – Has 5,000 permanent seats, but has been expanded to 10,000 with temporary seating for CFL games in the past, and stadium managers state temporary seating can bring capacity to 25,000.
15 – With standing patrons, PEPS Stadium has seen crowds up to 19,500, and has hosted Vanier Cups with over 18,000 in attendance.
16 – Raymond Field has a capacity of 3,000 with 5,000 accommodated with standing room, but was expanded to 10,000 to host the 2022 Touchdown Atlantic July 16th Saskatchewan vs Toronto regular season game.

17 – Royal Athletic Park has a capacity of 3,800 expandable to 10,000 for soccer with temporary seating. The 2024 Touchdown Pacific announcement indicated plans to temporarily expand the site to 10,000-14,000 for the Aug. 31, 2024 CFL regular season game.

18 – Starlight stadium has a listed capacity of 6,000 with 18 VIP suites. Langford approved an $8.5 million project to add 4,000-5,000 permanent seats to bring capacity to at least 10,000, of which $4.0 million was slated to relocate a utility pole that stymied past expansion, which was completed in March 2023 with $4.5 million ear-marked for additional seating. However, it appears only $4 million was allocated in the 2023 budget and the remainder of the project still needs budget allocation and approval.

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