Thanking the Contributors

The following individuals and organizations receive my deepest appreciation for their contributions to the CFLdb family of sites.

  • Steve Daniel and the Canadian Football League.
  • Jon Soyka and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum. Jon specifically provided boxscores for many 1970’s and early 1980’s pre-season games from film records.
  • Chris Sinclair for his donation of game data for the MRFU (and prior Manitoba leagues), Manitoba team data and dates and general information along with the same for Alberta (Calgary Rugby Football Union and ARFU). Currently 680 games in the database are provided by Chris with updates to 127 more as well as updates and correction of errors of omission to most of the Manitoba and Alberta league and team names, dates and lineage pre-1936. I will continue to work on adding notes and other information Chris provided as appropriate.
  • Robert Sproule for contributing very detailed game summaries for 27 games for ARFL, CGYRFU and ARFU, including game time, attendance, stadium and scoring summaries along with league standings and scoring leaders. More information from Robert is pending to be added.
  • Bradley Parker for reporting two 2013 game score errors (which affected compiled Points For and Points Against in the 2013 Standings), overtime issues with seven historical games and score/boxscore issues with seven historical games, which led to an audit that corrected the scores/boxscores on over 50 games. He also correctly pointed out an incorrect coaching date change that assigned the game result to the wrong coach in the case of Pete Kettela and Jackie Parker in 1983. This led to the start of a coaching audit which uncovered a few overlapping coaching terms.
  • Joe Pritchard for loaning the Canadian Football League Official Rulebook 2007.
  • Lee Boyko for the 2014 CFLCFLPA Collective Agreement.
  • Tim Capper for reporting a bug on the team season page where games played totals were incorrect for teams with OT losses between 2000 and 2002. Tim has also reported many other issues with the site.
  • Timothy O’Hara whose father played for the 1943 Toronto York Bulldogs for scores and articles from that season.
  • Gary Coughlin on the correct spelling of his father’s surname, Ernie Coughlin, who played with the Montreal Cubs and Montreal Nationals during the 1938 season.
  • Paul Clatney for providing his correct position information for each season of his career.
  • Lucas Michtics for contributing a TV Ratings source link.
  • Gary Pooler for the correcting his given name.
  • Francois Rodrigue for reporting an issue with Ottawa Rough Riders page Grey Cup Appearances and Wins totals.
  • a large number of donors and contributors that wish to remain anonymous.
  • many fans who have contributed links, questions, sources, corrections and reports of errors.