Thanking the Contributors

The following individuals and organizations receive my deepest appreciation for their contributions to the CFLdb family of sites. Contributions vary in size and scope; large contributors provide multiple pieces of information on games, teams, seasons or players and receive a single contribution credit for each broad item which may not compare with other contributors. All contributions are equally valued, but not all contributions are weighted equally by count in respect to the information provided. Despite that, for CFLdb Statistics lists the top contributors by number of contributions, along with a list of all contributors to the Statistics site.

  • Steve Daniel and the Canadian Football League for CFL (including IRFU, WIFU and CFC) game and player data.
  • Jon Soyka and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum. Jon specifically provided boxscores for many 1970’s and early 1980’s pre-season games from film records.
  • Chris Sinclair for his donation of game data for the MRFU (and prior Manitoba leagues), Manitoba team data and dates and general information along with the same for Alberta (Calgary Rugby Football Union and ARFU), BCRU, SRFU, ORFU, QRFU and ERFU. Almost 2300 games in the database are provided by Chris as first or second source material, updates and correction of errors of omission to most of the Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan league and team names, dates and lineage pre-1936. I will continue to work on adding notes and other information Chris provided as appropriate. Chris also provided the research on the history of the Ottawa Rough Riders name found in the FAQ and on CFLdb Statistics.
  • Robert Sproule for contributing very detailed game summaries for 27 games for ARFL, CGYRFU and ARFU, including game time, attendance, stadium and scoring summaries along with league standings and scoring leaders and the same for 246 QRFU games.
  • Mark Estep for contributing 12,000+ jersey numbers for original 9 CFL team rosters from 1946-1988. These contributions helped correct a number of other issues in the database, from spelling of names to players missing from team rosters. Jersey numbers were sourced from game programs, team media guides and websites. Mark has continued contributing player biographical information, with a focus on high school and college information, which is currently in the thousands as well.
  • Dennis Bidwell for contributing over 1,500 additions, corrections and contributions to games with sources as well as hundreds of missing coach and stadium information.
  • Steven Brainerd for contributing 126 ORFU game results, plus ORFU statistics, rosters and other information for 1956-1960 seasons.
  • Bradley Parker for reporting two 2013 game score errors (which affected compiled Points For and Points Against in the 2013 Standings), overtime issues with seven historical games and score/boxscore issues with seven historical games, which led to an audit that corrected the scores/boxscores on over 50 games. He also correctly pointed out an incorrect coaching date change that assigned the game result to the wrong coach in the case of Pete Kettela and Jackie Parker in 1983. This led to the start of a coaching audit which uncovered a few overlapping coaching terms.
  • Scott Grant for providing the jersey number of 5 players on the 1985 Toronto Argonauts, 11 players on the 1985 Ottawa Rough Riders, 12 players on the 1986 Ottawa Rough Riders and 33 players on the 2005 Ottawa Renegades. Scott’s CFL Photo Archive website can be a great source for those wanting to fill in jersey numbers on CFLdb Statistics.
  • John Horn for correcting Winnipeg Stadium capacity numbers for 1972 to 1981 and providing background on the changes. This resulted in a recompile of attendance numbers as Winnipeg’s percentage of capacity and sellout numbers were greatly affected in that span.
  • Cathy Garski of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber Alumni Association for providing Winnipeg assistant coaches/positions for 1975-1976, 1980-1984 and 1991-1993, correcting an error that entered the database in the stadium location of the 1984 Grey Cup, correcting the name of a Winnipeg Outstanding Player nomination for 2018 and correcting the CFHoF induction year for Elfrid Payton.
  • Mike Smith-Knusten for correcting the home stadiums on numerous Calgary and Edmonton team seasons, and date corrections for Clarke Stadium.
  • Jim Melnyk for team assistant coach lists and roles for 21 seasons (68 total, mostly Winnipeg) and details on four CFL books.
  • Doug Faletti for reporting 19 games not broadcast by CBC during the 1981 season due to a NABET strike.
  • Joe Pritchard for loaning the Canadian Football League Official Rulebook 2007.
  • Lee Boyko for the 2014 CFLCFLPA Collective Agreement.
  • George Rosenau for pointing out five missing players from the 1978 Saskatchewan Roughriders roster.
  • Geoff Brown for contributing television ratings for six games in the 2012 season.
  • Tim Capper for reporting a bug on the team season page where games played totals were incorrect for teams with OT losses between 2000 and 2002, noticed that the 2018 Rule Book was available (with link), provided a copy of the 2019 CBA and a copy of the 2021 Rule Book. Tim has also reported many other issues with the site, and posed many interesting questions.
  • Timothy O’Hara, whose father played for the 1943 Toronto York Bulldogs, for scores and articles from that season.
  • Gary Coughlin on the correct spelling of his father’s surname, Ernie Coughlin, who played with the Montreal Cubs and Montreal Nationals during the 1938 season.
  • Paul Clatney for providing his correct position and jersey information for each season of his career.
  • Blake Dermott for correcting his games played for 1995 season, which also led to other player participation corrections for the 1995 Edmonton Eskimos.
  • Lucas Michtics for contributing a TV Ratings source link.
  • Gary Pooler for the correcting his given name (1980 Draft pick).
  • Francois Rodrigue for reporting an issue with Ottawa Rough Riders page Grey Cup Appearances and Wins totals.
  • D. Gray who reported inaccuracies in the FAQ over historical (1960’s – 1970’s) roster sizes, makeup and the designated import rule.
  • David Story who reported inaccuracy and lack of clarity in the Glossary definitions of Weak side/Strong side and related linebacker positions, and suggested wording to better define them.
  • Steve Dixon for reporting two incorrect players on the Ottawa RedBlacks 2017 roster and player participation.
  • Warren Chubey for providing the October 20th, 2018 Montreal @ Toronto game attendance figure via Clare Hutchinson of the CFL.
  • Colin Gardiner for correcting the September 13th, 1980 Edmonton @ BC game attendance.
  • a large number of donors and contributors that wish to remain anonymous.
  • with apologies to contributors I have missed, or failed to record. While inadvertently anonymous, their contributions are no less worthy. (Contact me to add your name to the list if you have been omitted).
  • many fans who have contributed links, questions, sources, corrections and reports of errors.
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