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There is a lot of information missing from the CFLdb family of sites. History, references, statistics, and more. I can’t do it all myself. CFLdb was built as a platform for those who are passionate about collecting, compiling and sharing Canadian Football information, both past and present. Contributions are received from casual collectors, obsessive fans and serious scholars or researchers who wish to share information for others to enjoy and use.

There are many ways to contribute to the effort to create the best site for Canadian Football information. First, simply let me know what you would like to see here. If you don’t say, I will never know what is most important in the minds of visitors.

Next, take time to see if you can help in one of the following ways:

  • Assist with the expansion of the information on the sites by donating material, including compiled and partially compiled/organized data. See the Donations page for more information on wanted items.

  • Check out our active projects to see if you can assist in a small way. This may be recording small bits of information, photographs (again, digital), or verifying numbers. See the Project page for current projects and outstanding needs. Got an idea? Suggest a project you would like to see and participate in.

  • Suggest how you can help or just get in touch and say ”I would like to help!” and include your areas of interest or passions. We’ll discuss ways your unique skills can be put to use.

Many hands make light work. With the assistance of many CFLdb will continue to grow as the resource for Canadian Football information, past and present. Any contribution will help build up and complete the site.

Time is the most precious gift anyone can provide. I appreciate all the time individuals have given to contribute to the CFLdb sites. Recognition for individual contributors can be found on the Contributors page.

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