Research Assignment: Draft Edition

Published on May 29, 2020 7:32 PM by dbo.

In this Research Assignment, I request to the Canadian Football research community to investigate three individuals as potentially missing from the database. Contributions by researchers to complete these assignments and the database frees up my time to work on site enhancements.

While I am suggesting these investigations, I ask that you be respectful and discrete, and do not act in any way to disturb families because “CFLdb directed me to”. You are responsible for your actions, and this research can be completed fully without engaging with any relatives or other individuals.

Kevin Boyd

Confirmed: Confirmed Kevin was a supplemental draft pick for Edmonton in 1993, attended training camp, was on the injured/disabled list for high blood pressure, was released, and was pursued by at least the Toronto Argonauts.

Kevin has been added to the database and is listed as the 1993 supplemental draft pick for Edmonton. This individual reseach asisgnment is closed.

Kevin Boyd passed away suddenly on February 29, 2016. His obituary mentions being selected by the Edmonton Eskimos in a supplemental draft. For 1993, the Edmonton Eskimos supplemental selection is unknown, and this is the only missing supplemental selection by the Eskimos. This timeframe fits with Kevin’s age and completion of college.

The assignment: Find evidence to confirm Kevin Boyd was or was not a 1993 Edmonton Eskimo supplemental draft pick. If evidence is found, the site will be updated with Kevin’s information.

Conrad Sarty

Conrad Sarty passed away peacefully on Sept. 15, 2019. His obituary mentions being drafted by the Montreal Alouettes, but choosing a choosing a career in Engineering instead. CFLdb has no record of Conrad as a draft pick, but I don’t consider the records during his likely draft years of the early 1960’s to be 100% accurate.

The assignment: Find evidence Conrad Sarty was selected in a CFL draft. This one may be a little harder to prove the negative, but if evidence is found regarding a free agent signing or other recruitment by the Alouettes, the draft story may be explained as confused details.

Ron Turner

Ron Turner’s bio page on the BC Football Hall of Fame mentions him being drafted by the BC Lions in 1972. Unfortunately, the records CFLdb has does not list him as a drafted player, and he does not appear in the database so a confused draft year is not the source of the issue. 1972 was prior to supplemental drafts occurring (that I am aware of) and territorial picks, leading to focus on the amateur draft. Records during this time were sparse, and though what was provided to the press consistent, there very well could be an exclusion in those lists. BC has picks accounted for as either traded or selected for each round, but there are a number of team passes that year that could be suspect.

The assignment: Find evidence to confirm Ron Turner was or was not a BC Lions draft pick. If evidence is found, the site will be updated with Ron’s information.

For all these individuals, I am not trying to prove them incorrect or accuse them of practicing deceit. I hope that evidence can be found so the database may be updated. If not, this does not take away from their life accomplishments nor question their claims which I readily accept will have a logical explanation.


The follow drafts are in need of player positions being confirmed or missing draftees added.

Finding sources to complete the details of these drafts is the assignment. This will add to the completeness and accuracy of the database.


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