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This Research Assignment focuses on Terry Tarves, End with 1945-1947 Calgary Stampeders. Tarves is also listed as Lonnie and Laurie in other sources. This assignment seeks to confirm Tarves name and biographical info.

Current Status: Case closed, solved by Mark Estep (see below)

Research Assignments are requests to the Canadian Football research community to research and clarify discrepancies or ambiguities in the historical record. These tasks are for anyone, but may be more suited for dedicated researchers with knowledge, background and resources available to them. As always, credit will fall to the researchers, with a summary of research findings submitted to CFLdb published here, but researchers are free to publish elsewhere. CFLdb also accepts contributions of data that it easier to source for individuals starting out. Contact CFLdb with your area of interest for help on how to get started.


CPFE = Canadian Professional Football Encyclopedia 1946-2012 publication (2013 Edition)

The Facts

The facts are as follows:

  1. CFL (compiled by Steve Daniel) provided rosters lists the following for Terry Tarves:
    • 1945 End (0 GP) [Note: there was no regular season games played for the WIFU in 1945]
    • 1946 End (1 GP)
    • 1947 End (8 GP)
  2. CPFE lists Lonnie Tarves, E, grad of Calgary Jrs., born 1920 as the only Tarves to play for Calgary 1946-47 (Note: CPFE only provides info for 1946-2012 seasons)
    • 1946 CAL 1 GP
    • 1947 CAL 8 GP
  3. Mark Estep, CFLdb contributor, provided a date of death for a Laurie Tarves as 2014-01-09. Mark’s sources include the Total Football series of books, the Pro Football Archive along with other online sources.

The Discrepancies

We have three different names for what CFLdb believes is the same player (there is enough similarity between CFL and CPFE to conclude this is same person).

Additional Research

The following information has been found with additional research:

  • Calgary Herald reports Terry Tarves as an end in 1945 articles in advance of Stampeder Oct. 20 exhibition game, Oct. 27 and Nov. 10 playoff games
  • Unable to find Tarves listed on Calgary Herald Stampeder lineups for regular season games in 1946
  • Calgary Herald Stampeder lineups for regular season games in 1947 list Tarves as a sub, but unable to find a first name reference.
  • Obituary of Laurie Tarves, born 1920, died 2014-10-09 does not mention a career with the Stampeders, nor playing junior football
  • Obituary of Terry Tarves, born c. 1920-21, died 2007-09-22 does not mention a career with the Stampeders nor playing junior football

The Theory

CFLdb believes Terry Tarves is the correct preferred name for this player, and the same person played all three seasons (1945-1947). It is unclear where the names Lonnie and Laurie came from, though it would be possible multiple players with surname Tarves played these seasons, resulting in the confusion in persons. If Terry is the correct name, the obituary for Laurie is for the incorrect individual.

Potential sources for confirmation could be additional Calgary (junior or senior) player reference to Terry Tarves, and additional information from an obituary or other biographical source mentioning a Stampeder playing career that includes those seasons for a Tarves.

The Question

What is the correct name and other biographical info for Tarves? While ensuring the correct first name/preferred name is listed for Tarves in the database, CFLdb would like to add year/date of birth, date of death, if applicable, birthplace, junior and high school teams, if known, and any other information that can be confirmed along with sources to provide reasoning for divergence from other publications. If you have additional information to add to this assignment or definitive sources that confirm the needed information, please send it along.

The Resolution

Mark Estep found an obituary at For Posterity’s Sake for Terrance John James (Terry) Tarves. The information in the notice confirms Terry playing for the Stampeders in 1946/47, with the same date of death of the Terry Tarves noted above. The absence of the 1945 season is not a concern, since this playoffs only season is commonly omitted. This confirms the correct name being Terry, and many other biographical details. It is believed the names Lonnie and Laurie were errors introduced into the record. CFLdb considers this assignment complete and closed.


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