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Commissioner's Office

Mark Cohon – Commissioner

Michael Copeland – Chief Operating Officer

Sue Bolender – Executive Assistant


Doug Allison – Vice-President, Finance & Administration

Matt Maychak – Vice-President, Broadcast & Communications

Kevin McDonald – Vice-President, Football Operations

Adrian Sciarra – Senior Director, Partnerships


Kelley Ainley – Office Manager

Shannon Ballard – Director, Marketing

Sean Bell – Manager, Digital Assets

George Black – Senior Advisor, Football Operations

Loic Dalle – Account Manager, Partnerships

Steve Daniel – Head Statistician

Douglass Dawson – Coordinator, Marketing

Jamie Dykstra – Director, Broadcast & Communications

Curtis Emerson – Director, Events & Production

Chris Gallipeau – Producer, Digital Media

Darren Hackwood – Manager, Officiating

Trevor Hardy – Director, Finance & Business Operations

Arethea Harris – Coordinator, Marketing

Tom Higgins – Director, Officiating

Ryan Janzen – Manager, Football Operations

Carmen Kondra – Manager, Partnership Marketing

Tyler Mazereeuw – Director, New Business Development

Josh Oubadia – Manager, Production & Research

Manpreet Pandha – Manager, Events

Olivier Poulin – Manager, Communications

Nora Rigodon – Financial Accountant

Larry Robertson – CFL Stats Research

K.J. Robinson – Team Services Manager

Daryl Seidman – Manager, IMG Sports Licensing

Mark Soder – Manager, Partnerships

Chris Sonnemann – Manager, Technology

Jaime Stein – Manager, Digital Media


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