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Published on October 25, 2009 9:10 PM by dbo.

A realist view of a revitalized Lansdowne serving as a retail and entertainment hub for the Glebe neighbourhood. As much as anyone would like a solution that doesn’t involve any commercial development it is not possible, nor beneficial to the city or neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, the issue continues to be muddied. You can’t have a USL/MSL ready stadium and have a 400-meter track. If you want a track, then that eliminates soccer and puts fans an extra 20-25 yards back for football. Since track athletics wasn’t a requirement, I can’t see how this can come into play now, when much smaller venues would suit many of the athletics competitions Ottawa could bid for. Building a multi-purpose stadium to suit every possible competition ends up suiting none.


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Fear of Lansdowne Success was published on October 25, 2009 9:10 PM by dbo.

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