The Command Centre will automatically review the following situations:

  • Scoring and potential scoring plays
  • Roughing the Passer called and non-called
  • Grade 2 Roughing the Passer
  • Roughing/Contacting the Kicker called and non-called
  • Grade 2 Spearing
  • Plays where a turnover is ruled to have occurred as a result of a fumble lost or an interception
  • Called penalties that are not coach challengeable penalties
  • Called line of scrimmage fouls to ensure the correct penalty is applied
  • Major Fouls that occur after the play is over
  • Called Illegal Contact and Defensive Pass Interference fouls to ensure the correct penalty application not whether or not the penalty occurred
  • Where a penalty should be applied from
  • Whether the clock is showing the correct time
  • Where officials disagree or are uncertain on how to rule in a play situation
  • Spotting of the ball only to correct egregious errors
  • Plays when the Injury Spotter stops the game to remove an injured player to determine if the injury was caused by an uncalled penalty

The Command Centre will review all other appropriate Standard Reviewable Rulings during an Automatic Review.

The Command Centre will never review Coach Challengeable Penalties during an Automatic Review.

Following the 3 minute warning in the fourth quarter the Command Centre will review each play for Standard Reviewable Rulings. If the Command Centre wants to review a play, the Replay Official will notify the Referee to stop the game.

The Command Centre will never review Coach Challengeable Penalties during a Command Centre Initiated Review.


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