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Published on November 22, 2008 10:07 PM by dbo.

Update: More videos, including Heroes of the Game, are posted here.

If you watched Grey Cup Saturday today you may have seen TSN play the CFL‘s This is Our League video introduced in June with the league’s new marketing slogan.  Here are some links for anyone searching for a copy.

This is Our League - Full Version

This is Our League - 90 second version

Notre Ligue.  Notre Football. - 90 second version

This is Our League - Bob Ackles Tribute

The song used in the video is Always by Neverending White Lights (iTunes link).  Seeing the video again made me remember how good it is.  If you have a patriotic bone in your body and live and breathe our great CFL glue that helps bind our country you will be moved.  Producing videos highlighting the league’s history, heroes and roots across the country along with the great football played is something the league got away from in the past 15 years.  CBC produced a video played during the 1987 Grey Cup pre-game show with the song Heroes of the Game by an artist I cannot remember or find at this time.  If I remember the story right, someone from the CBC was in a bar and heard this artist playing a song called Heroes of the Day and asked him to adapt it to Heroes of the Game and to use it in the CFL video.  It was later used in 1988 with the ending updated to Jerry Kauric kicking the winning field goal in the 1987 Grey Cup.  I believe there was a similar video with another song produced sometime between 1989 and 1991 but don’t remember the details.  I have it on VHS I am sure so I will try to look it up sometime.

If you remember last year, CBC used a song over the Grey Cup highlights and credits at the end of the broadcast (they might have used it Saturday too, I don’t remember).  It was My Cousin Has a Grey Cup Ring by Donovan Woods (iTunes Link).  Don’t be afraid to support these Canadian artists.


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