2013 State of the League

Published on November 22, 2013 9:51 PM by dbo.

Mark Cohon gave his 2013 State of the League address today, presenting a picture of a modern and innovative league. In his tenure, Cohon has taken control of the message in the state of the league statement, focusing on the positive areas off the field. The address has become a time for review of the previous year and a look forward to the next year without any announcements or statements to deny rumours. Little is learned that wasn’t released to the media previously.

Cohon points to new stadiums, television growth, sponsors and the new television deal as positives heading into the 2014 season. With Ottawa joining the league next year, there is hope for a 10th team someday in Atlantic Canada.

Cohon also stated that the CFL continues to provide an exciting product, with the emergence of new players and competitive and close games. The league is also continuing to look at ways at improving player safety, noting that the number of reported concussions was the same as last year.

The upcoming CBA negotiations with the Players’ Association will attempt to provide a fair agreement to the teams, players and fans but they league cannot return to its reckless spending past.

The address was described as mostly positive and an earlier start to the season and the decision to not publicize protected lists for the expansion draft were brought up during the question period.


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2013 State of the League was published on November 22, 2013 9:51 PM by dbo.

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