Articles posted in October 2013

Why Immediate Recovery is Necessary

Published on October 27, 2013

In yesterday’s Montreal vs Hamilton game in Guelph where the Tiger-Cats eventually prevailed, there was a 4th quarter instant replay challenge initiated by Hamilton that the call on the field of down-by-contact was incorrect. The video evidence showed that the Montreal player clearly lost the ball before being down by contact. Yet Hamilton both lost the challenge (Montreal retained possession of the ball) and won it (Hamilton was not charged a failed challenge). Evidence of an obvious conspiracy against the Tiger-Cats?

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Understanding Roster Restrictions

Published on October 26, 2013

Update 2019: This article is now outdated with the ratification of the 2019 CBA and should not be used to understand roster restrictions except for historical purposes. Referencing or citing this article for current restrictions indicates a lack of understanding of the current state of roster rules.
Update: This has been updated from the original content to reflect the changes introduced with the 2014 CBA. Terminology, roster sizes and more have been updated to make the information here current. Information can become outdated, so be sure to refer to the latest sources for current information.

CFL roster restrictions are one of the most misunderstood aspects of the league. While the end result is often explained correctly (or close to correctly), it leaves open questions to many trying to grasp these restrictions. To truly understand the roster restrictions, one must start at the beginning, not the result.

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You Want Stats?

Published on October 15, 2013

You want stats? Just ask.

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