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Published on August 13, 2011 1:12 PM by dbo.

The Toronto Sun has been attacking the CFL over this year’s schedule and the lack of Toronto visiting Hamilton on Labour Day. The whole Argos beat bullpen have been able to play fast and loose with the situation, stating the game was deleted and cancelled and calling the CFL schedule-makers stupid. The only tempered lament over the loss of the game is a short piece by Frank Zicarelli.

I understand the disappointment many have over this break in tradition. Yet, the whole situation as reported is so Toronto-centric, with statements how the Labour Day game is cancelled, despite the Tiger-Cats still host Montreal Monday, September 5th, it’s just the Argos weren’t invited. The attacks against the CFL go far beyond what is necessary over a schedule blip, dragging in history from long-gone eras that have nothing to do with the situation this year. The negativity placed on the CFL to the casual reader is undeserving and not reflective of the situation the league is in, but it will be picked up and reinforce stereotypes in Toronto over a game that isn’t even held there. It is a fact that the CFL does not get date preference at Rogers Centre. If that places the league out of your realm of caring, so be it.

Now that their vitriol is out, I invite Bill Lankhof, Mike Ganter and/or Frank Zicarelli to meet with the CFL schedule-maker (or if you are the CFL schedule-maker, reach out to these guys), review the challenges of making a schedule and write a feature article on the process. After bringing the complexities of schedule making to the page, you can still claim you would never cancel Argo/Ti-Cat Labour Day and call the schedule maker stupid, but your readers will be a little more informed at least.


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Schedule Maker Invitation was published on August 13, 2011 1:12 PM by dbo.

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