Status of Montreal Stadiums

Montreal Alouettes – Percival Molson Memorial Stadium

In 2018, effective for the 2019 season, the Alouettes announced plans to reconfigure Percival Molson Memorial Stadium to 20,025 seats, a reduction of 3,405 seats. The average ticket price will drop $9 and 9,000 seats, or 45% of capacity, will be available at $59 or less per ticket. Continuing with changes and initiatives in 2018, 2019 was to improve on existing features and add new attractions to the in-stadium experience.

The Alouettes made changes to their marketing and stadium culture in 2018 to attract more and younger fans.

In 2014, west end zone seats were removed to create the Fan Zone social area. This reconfiguration reduced seating to 23,430.

A partnership between the Alouettes, the City of Montreal and province agreed to a long standing Phase II proposal to expand Percival Molson Stadium. Construction began in November, 2009 and was completed by the kick-off of the 2010 season. An additional 5,000 seats were added in south-side upper deck and east end zone additions to bring capacity to 25,012 seats.

Montreal Alouettes – Stade Olympique / Olympic Stadium

Renovations to the Olympic Stadium roof committed to earlier were dealt a setback in 2023 when it was announced that the concrete ring supporting the roof also needed to be replaced. This pushback to 2024 and beyond for the project completion would be another delay to the goverment commitment of $250 million to replace the roof made in 2017.

The Alouettes bid to host the 2020 Grey Cup at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, and on Feb. 22, 2019 when Regina was announced as the 2020 Grey Cup host and Hamilton the 2021 Grey Cup host, it was stated Montreal was prevented from competing for 2021 because of expected renovations to Olympic Stadium that year, but the league expects bids in future years to return the Grey Cup to Montreal and Olympic Stadium.

The Alouettes indicated a commitment starting in 2018 to host one game at Olympic Stadium as part of the agreement to locate their practices at the facility. This did not occur.

While Molson Stadium gets rave reviews, the Alouettes also have at their disposal Olympic Stadium, which was the sole home to Montreal teams from from 1976 to 1987 and 1996 to 1998. Since moving into Percival Molson Memorial Stadium, the Alouettes have used Olympic stadium for special games, playoff games and Grey Cups. The last playoff game held in Olympic Stadium was 2012, the last Grey Cup held there was 2008 and the last regular season game held there was 2007. Quebecers were asked for ideas on Olympic Stadium’s future in 2011.

In 2013, it was revealed the Fibreglass roof is deteriorating rapidly with over 3,000 small tears in the fabric in the 2013 fiscal year ending Oct. 31. The safety of the roof in times with the potential for snow or freezing rain has limited the events that can be held at the stadium, affecting plans for Montreal’s 375th anniversary and hosting the Grey Cup in 2017. In Sept., the Alouettes announced if they hosted a home playoff game, it would be at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium due to concerns over snow and Olympic Stadium. Ultimately, the Alouettes did not qualify for a home playoff game. The future of the stadium is under much debate in Montreal and the province, with demolition a possibility and a popular choice amongst a public who wishes to end the cost of the stadium on the taxpayer.

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