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Note: This page was created along side a series of posts in 2009. It is outdated now and remains for posterity only.

The CFL has undergone a resurgence and revitalization over the past decade. Recently this has resulted in many CFL communities planning long overdue revitalization of their stadium infrastructure. Seven of eight current franchises are starting, planning or discussing stadium improvement or replacement. Three other communities are in discussions to rebuild or build CFL ready stadiums in order to attract a CFL expansion franchise.

All of these plans lead to the inevitable question: who will pay for these improvements? Outdoor stadiums are expensive and the economic size of the CFL limits the ability of funding these stadiums privately. To offset the need for public money for stadium infrastructure CFLdb has proposed a Stadium Fund. The details of the fund were outlined in a series of articles on CFLdb. Currently, the fund is the seed of an idea, but the basis of it is for the CFL and football fans across the country to contribute money that can then be used to contribute to outdoor stadium projects across the country.

CFLdb is willing to contribute all revenue from this site to a Stadium Fund. On top of those contributions, we are willing to make an initial contribution to start the fund and annual contributions. We are looking for support for this idea from other CFL fans, the Canadian Football League, member clubs and public officials in order to start this fund and further the CFL across our country.

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