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Published on April 8, 2016 4:01 PM by dbo.

My best summary of the rule changes accepted for 2016:

  • Replay official in the Command Centre to assist the on-field officials. The committee rule change recommendation for the video official describes the role as to correct obvious errors not challengeable by replay.
  • Challengeable penalties expanded to include offensive pass interference, illegal contact on an eligible receiver and illegal interference on pass plays as well as no yards called, illegal blocks on kick plays, contacting/roughing the kicker or passer, and illegal interference at the point of reception on kick off attempts.
  • Unsuccessful 2-point converts will now be automatically reviewed.
  • Pushing players through gaps in the offensive line on place kicks (field goal and single point attempts) is no longer allowed.
  • The definition of a peel-back block has been changed to make it illegal for any offensive player to block a player moving towards his own goal line below the waist, rather than just players that start the play in the tackle box.
  • Players in a three-point stance are now allowed to move slightly, point or make signals for blocking assignments before coming to a set position for 1 second before the snap without drawing an illegal procedure penalty.
  • Changed offsetting penalties in some scenarios resulting in down replayed with no yardage applied, such as when a defensive player is offside and offensive player is called for holding the offside player.
  • Removing the choice of scrimmaging the ball to teams scored upon by field goal in the last three minutes of the game.
  • Removing objectionable conduct penalties for defensive players who remove a ball from the play after a turnover.

That is 9 of 10, I don’t know what the 10th is though I expect the additional challengeable penalties are considered two separate changes, though the rejected change was not mentioned in the committee recommendations press release either, so there may be a small, wording change not documented. The rejected proposal was for the limits for downfield blocking by offensive linemen on passing plays and has been sent for more analysis and further consideration next year.


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CFL Approves 10 Rule Changes for 2016 was published on April 8, 2016 4:01 PM by dbo.

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