Single Point Links posted in November 2015

2016 Canadian Football HOF Inductees Announced

Published on November 27, 2015 10:51 PM

Four players and one builder will be added next season to the existing 278 members of the Hall. With the Hall relocating to Tim Hortons Field in 2016, the inductees and exhibits will be more accessible to fans and visitors.

CFL Launches New Brand Campaign

Published on November 27, 2015 10:11 AM

A new campaign with new (alternate?) logo and the #WWMO (What We’re Made Of) motif that’s been around for past month or so launched this morning.

The refresh promised for September is still nowhere to be seen (I agree, doing it Grey Cup week would only be asking for trouble). With no Facts, Figures and Records publication this year, the new site better deliver when (Update: announced for new year next week in 2015 State of the League) it arrives.

CFL Media Poll Goes Beyond Player Awards

Published on November 27, 2015 9:56 AM

Never afraid of being banned or shunned, CFL Media produce their alternate CFL awards for coaches, organizations and players.

For the last question, I hope the “Lack of exciting games” refers to last year. Otherwise, I see the usual suggestions, but a lot don’t hold up to scrutiny. CFL Media are known for compiling suspicions anyone puts forward and regurgitating, but investigating, not so much (I say it’s the fluoride in the water. Let’s see if that makes it next year).

TSN’s 103rd Grey Cup Coverage Schedule

Published on November 25, 2015 10:56 PM

All the coverage on TSN’s broadcast, digital, and radio platforms.

Report Recommends Further Study for Halifax Stadium

Published on November 9, 2015 10:27 PM

A municipal staff report recommends further study of the feasibility of a stadium at Shannon Park, along with increasing the size to 20,000. This is immediately called out as a CFL stadium play and the objections start.

No matter the intentions of staff in making the size increase recommendation in their report (they would certainly need to up their recommendation again before it would be suitable for a CFL team in that market), I have no hope that Halifax (and likely the Maritimes) will move forward with a detailed study on the costs and partnerships possible so a decision can be made once a for all. The ever vocal objections start before they even know what they are talking about. Sadly, this means the CFL needs to move on and focus on Quebec City, which may be more open to exploring the opportunity.

Update Nov. 11, 2015: The answer — a resounding “No”. They know all the answers already (no government or private money, not ready, not right location) so no need for a study. I think they are at least a generation away from being ready.

2015 TSN Player Poll

Published on November 7, 2015 12:21 PM

TSN’s annual (now in its sixth year) poll of CFL players was released yesterday.

According to the CFL‘s release, more than half of the CFL‘s players are surveyed. Brandon Banks receives the same number of votes for Most Electrifying and Faster Players, but different percentages. So that indicates for those questions 164 to 176 responses. So my guess the poll goes out to all the “starting” players (there are over 600 players who have played a game by end of Sept. this year), including injured players to reach over half the players polled, with a 50-60% response rate.

Grey Cup to be Streamed to Rest of World on YouTube

Published on November 6, 2015 10:54 PM

For those areas not receiving broadcast partner coverage (outside North and South America, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia), the 2015 playoffs and Grey Cup will be streamed live on YouTube, making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection and capable device.

Lansdowne Park Transformed

Published on November 6, 2015 10:43 PM

It is either a success, or too early to tell.

The place should be hopping all weekend with lots of talk about Saturday’s game and the having fun on the big sports weekend.

2015 Upper Deck CFL Card Series Released

Published on November 6, 2015 7:48 PM

I tweeted but forgot to link to this when Upper Deck released the 2015 CFL Trading Card Series a couple weeks ago. Makes a great gift for young fans.

Update: Pick up a 2014 and 2015 series Hobby Box or Bonus Pack at the CFLPA store too.