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Published on August 27, 2015 10:54 PM by dbo.

No surprise since stadium talk is dead in Halifax.

I think politics has evolved, and capital projects aren’t dangled in front of voters as much now as in the past. Combined with views that stadiums shouldn’t be built for the benefit of private sports enterprise and there is little interest for politicians to even talk about non-financial support, let alone financial support.

I don’t think the feds are miffed over the city’s past withdrawal from the Commonwealth Games bid. The Conservatives have a policy and they will consistently maintain it. They won’t visibly cater to a small, wealthy constituent, but instead have policies to attract all the wealthy, middle class, and low income through various methods, with the wealthy being the biggest benefactors.

Halifax needs that group to champion a stadium, a mouthpiece, and a message that every major centre in Canada has built stadiums with public money. A community group that is prepared to operate the stadium and proposed football tenants will also dispel the idea the stadium is for the benefit of individual private enterprise. In may not bring federal money, but it will help bolster public opinion when the opportunity does arrive for the support to be there to bring Halifax into the confederation of cities capable of hosting events.


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