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Published on November 15, 2014 1:17 PM by dbo.

A nice summary of Cohon’s tenure, success and tasks left for his successor as the reflection and evaluation stories on his term continue with the winding down of his last season.

I think some anecdotes play a little loose with actual history, such as “Our Balls Are Bigger” being on the CFL website in 2007 (the closest version available from late 2006 in the Wayback Machine doesn’t reveal its presence). Cohon may have said the league won’t compare itself to the NFL like campaigns in the past and specifically called out the “Bigger” strategy, but I don’t remember the league still using that slogan in the 2000’s at all. I also think the status of the league in 2007 is misrepresented by many in their memory. 2006 still holds the highest average attendance for the league since 1982 and has not been topped since.

I believe Cohon brought substantial leadership and direction to the CFL in his time in office. He identified talent, enabled it and got everyone pulling in one direction more than any previous commissioner had done likely ever, but he didn’t do it on his own.


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Mark Cohon Reflects on Success was published on November 15, 2014 1:17 PM by dbo.

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