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Published on July 3, 2010 1:50 PM by dbo.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days I can’t figure out how this ends this way over the location. Surely the talks should be over what each side wants and finding a partnership, not trying to pick who’s right about the location. If the city wants the West Harbour location, can they offer financial guarantees if the fans don’t come? It appears Hamilton isn’t interested in Bob Young/the Tiger-Cats managing the stadium, so what does the city propose for the football club to generate revenue streams? Who else is going to use this stadium for the next 50 years?

If this ends with either the stadium going elsewhere or the Tiger-Cats leaving town, this will be the biggest municipal political bungle in Canada’s history. Hamiltonians better start putting pressure on their mayor and councillors, not about caving to location demands, but offering the Ti-Cats something more in return than a tenant in new stadium with poor accessibility and parking.


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Pan-Am Stalemate was published on July 3, 2010 1:50 PM by dbo.

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