1. A Tackle is credited to a player whose actions stop a ball carrier’s forward progress or forces him out of bounds thus terminating the play. Credit a Defensive Tackle to the player who in the opinion of the statistician is primarily responsible for making the stop on plays from scrimmage. For kick return plays, the same applies and the defender is credited with a Special Teams Tackle.
  2. A Tackle for Loss is credited if a ball carrier is tackled behind the LOS on a Rushing or Passing play.
  3. An Interception is credited if an opponent's pass attempt is caught by a defensive player and a change of possession results. The return is credited per Section 6.
  4. A Fumble Return is credited per Section 12 above.
  5. A Pass Knockdown is credited to a defensive player who makes a pass attempt become an incompletion by either contacting the football or by dislodging the ball by making contact with the intended receiver.
  6. A Forced Fumble is credited to a player who makes contact with an opposing ball carrier causing a loose ball.
  7. A 2nd Down Conversion Stop is credited when a defender makes a defensive tackle, pass knockdown or interception, forced fumble or fumble recovery that results in a turnover by or third down situation for the opposition.

Note: Game statistics will show Defensive & Special Teams Tackles separately and be combined as Total Tackles on all statistical reports. Total Defensive Plays will be compiled and consist of the sum of Total Tackles, QB Sacks and Pressures, Interceptions, Fumble Recoveries, Forced fumbles and Pass knockdowns. Tackles for Loss are included in Defensive Tackles but shown separately as a specific item.


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