This category covers yardage losses suffered by a team that are not chargeable against the rushing records of individual players, or the team's rushing or passing records for that game. Such losses are, however, included in determining a team's total offence for the game and the season.

The following are examples of losses that belong in this category:

  1. A player drops back or rolls out with the intention of throwing a pass, but is thrown for a loss without getting the pass away. Where, however, upon finding the receivers covered the player makes a positive attempt to run with the ball, as distinct from taking normal evasive action, any such loss incurred will be treated as an ordinary rushing loss under Section 3. In case of doubt, rule as a Team Loss.
  2. Team A has 3rd down on its 20 and is in punt formation. The would-be kicker catches the ball and retreats behind own Goal Line to concede a safety touch. The 20-yard loss will be charged to the player under Team Losses.
  3. Similar situation as above, the centre makes a wild snap and the ball goes into the End Zone, where it is recovered by either team. The centre will be charged with a fumble and the 20-yard loss will be charged to that player under Team Losses.
  4. A third down kick is blocked and recovered by either team 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage. In this case, the kicker is charged with a fumble and the 10-yard loss is charged under Team Losses.
  5. When a quarterback voluntarily drops to one knee and concedes yards in an effort to run out the clock, the yards lost will be charged under Team Losses.

    NOTE — No quarterback sack will be given in this situation.

  6. Team A scrimmages on its own 25-yard line. Team A quarterback drops back to pass but is tackled on the Team A 20 before the ball can be thrown.

    NOTE — The Team A quarterback is charged with a Team Loss of five yards.

  7. Same situation as (f). Team A quarterback fumbles the ball while attempting to handoff to the Team A running back. The ball is finally recovered by Team B on the Team A 20-yard line.

    NOTE — The Team A quarterback is charged with a fumble, fumble lost and a Team Loss of five yards.

  8. Team A Kicker stands on Team A 10-yard line to receive the ball from centre. Instead of kicking the ball, retreats into the Team A End Zone to run out the clock, and eventually runs over the Dead Line conceding a safety.

    NOTE — The team A Kicker is charged with a Team Loss of 10 yards from the line of scrimmage to the Goal Line. The other distance retreated into the End Zone shall be disregarded.


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