1. Kickoffs are measured from the kickoff line to the point of recovery. If kicked over the deadline or Out of Bounds in the Goal Area without being touched by any player, the yardage will be recorded in the same manner as a punt into the End Zone. If kicked Out of Bounds in the field of play, the receiving team has the option of taking the ball at that point, taking the ball 30 yards in advance of where the ball was kicked or having the kickoff repeated. If the receiving team elects to take the ball at the point it went Out of Bounds, the kickoff shall be recorded to that point and the kicking team charged with a penalty declined. If the ball is awarded to the receiving team 30 yards in advance of where the ball was kicked, the yardage difference between that line and the point where the kickoff went Out of Bounds will be recorded as a penalty against the kicking team. If the kickoff has to be repeated, the kicking team will be charged with a penalty of five yards.
  2. The same rules for statistics purposes apply to kickoffs that apply to punts.


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