Frequently Asked Questions about CFLdb

There are plenty of sites providing commentary regarding the CFL and a few who are painstakingly archiving much of the history and data of football in Canada with little notice or recognition. In terms of historical stats, facts and information in a complete and organized fashion, with the ability to report and display information in forms beyond the raw results, there is a gap. This database will attempt to fill that gap and help preserve and present Canadian football history. If CFLdb accomplishes anything, hopefully it will be lessons on the presentation and arranging of data on the web.

The CFL was selected as the subject of the site as it has the widest interest. While all Canadian football is worthy of support, limiting the site to the CFL (and its predecessors) controlled the scope and the work required.

In retrospect, the site should have been called CFdb, but we believe that covering the predecessors before the 1958 formation of the league called the CFL is appropriate, even for a site called CFLdb.

For recent CFL Statistics, just go to CFL Stats.

CFLdb is working on bring what historical information it has on the CFL to the web. It is a slow process, however. Our first major step since launching is the adding of the CFL Rulebook in html format in June, 2009. In June, 2011 schedules, game results, expanded standings, coaching records, owners and more for the past 30+ years were launched with the addition of the CFLdb Statistics sub-site. March 2012 saw the release of 1970's data, followed by a major update in April 2012 that added data back to 1950, improved data accuracy and launched the CFLdb Razzle Dazzle sister site. In September 2012 full game data back to 1907 for the IRFU, 1936 for the WIFU was added thanks to the CFL and additional corrections and restructuring completed. In July 2013 team roster and player participation information was added from 1930 forward courtesy the CFL. I will continue to seek out sources and methods to bring additional player and game statistics to the site and welcome private inquiries on information not found on the site.

The best source for general statistical information is the annually published CFL Facts, Figures and Records. The CFL also released compiled team and individual record sections in 2012. For the most comprehensive and complete record of CFL games and player statistics from 1946 to present, you can't beat The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia: Every Player, Coach and Game, 1946-2012, last published in 2013.

For online historical CFL player information and more, try the CFLapedia, which is updated frequently. CFLapedia is the online source for historical CFL player information right now, way beyond what CFLdb ever expects to do.

Providing images of uniforms and logos has many complications. Instead, CFLdb has decided to focus on other areas and let those already providing uniform and logo images focus on that area.

For CFL uniform colour schemes, see:

Images of old uniforms good and bad can be found on Jim Mullin's 16 Greatest CFL Uniforms of All Time and the Oddest CFL Uniforms.

For CFL logos, see:

The initials dbo stand for database owner, a convention used in database management. This pseudonym is the persona the caretakers of the CFLdb family of sites hide behind.