September 2021 Release Notes

Published on October 1, 2021 9:25 PM by dbo.

The September 2021 release notes for the CFLdb family of sites provides the highlights of the changes, improvements and fixes of interest made in the past month. Read on for details.

The following changes have been made to all CFLdb sites since the last report:

  • Enhancement: Added site brand name to the top left of the navigation bar to provide site identification.

The following changes have been made to CFLdb since the last report:

  • Enhancement: Updated Rulebook to CFL 2021 version. (Thanks Tim!)

The following changes have been made to CFLdb Statistics since the last report:

  • Data: Added jersey numbers for 135 player seasons. (Thanks Mark!).
  • Data: Added game rosters and player participation for 2021 season.
  • Data: Related updates (over 250 updates, additions and deletions this month).
  • Enhancement: Automatically add rosters and update player participation numbers for teams after games complete.
  • Enhancement: Show game rosters for 2021 games when rosters available.
  • Enhancement: Show jersey numbers in database for 1930-1945 team seasons (an additional 137 jersey numbers now displayed).
  • Enhancement: Tabify the League Season Opponent Record page.
  • Enhancement: Tabify Game page Matchup tab.
  • Enhancement: Add Stats tab to Game page Matchup tab for upcoming games (enabled for 2 weeks of future games) to compare team rankings in select statistical categories.
  • Enhancement: Add Individual Record page for CFL league page only, featuring Game records for Passing, Rushing and Receiving for the regular season.
  • Enhancement: Add toggle control on season Week-by-Week page Stats tab to control showing stats for single week or for season-to-week.
  • Enhancement: Enable simultaneous coaching terms to provide for short-term medical leave interim coaches; ensure interim coaches are given credit for wins/losses, list interim coaches with decision on game page.
  • Enhancement: Add alert to Team pages when team has non-contiguous team instance history.
  • Enhancement: Add Owner as a role to persons listed on In Memoriam pages (adding owners to database will be completed in October).
  • Bug: Fix player CFL season count calculation.
  • Bug: Fix current season opponent division record remaining non-division opponents and win percentage.
  • Bug: Fix team instance dates showing incorrectly when multiple occurrences of team instance name.

Along with other cosmetic, data, performance, administrative, or infrastructure related bug fixes and enhancements (50 commits this month).

Special acknowledgement to contributors Mark and Tim this month.


With the addition of basic Individual Game records for three categories, attention will be spent on expanding this area. The likely order in priority of additions are:

  • Adding Playoff and Grey Cup Individual Game records (data is in place, add display only).
  • Adding values and ranking to Player pages.
  • Adding season high values to League Season sections.
  • Adding Team record lists to Team sections.
  • Adding additional record types (such as play records, i.e. longest play) for Passing, Rushing and Receiving
  • Adding other statistical categories.

The sort term focus will be on getting the data currently available on display, followed by longer term goals of adding more data. In its current early release form, we would appreciate any feedback on the display, value and any lacking component to the initial design.

Found an Issue?

Please report any issues you come across in the data on the site or in its display. If you have concerns over the absence of data or how it is displayed, please let CFLdb know. Thank you for taking the time to make the site better by adding information and sources, eliminating errors and correcting misleading information.

Missed You?

If CFLdb missed your contribution this or any other month, please send a gentle reminder so the record may be corrected. And apologies for the unintended slight.

Contributions, Corrections and Suggestions

Send all contributions, corrections and suggestions to me via methods found on the Contact page. All contributions are credited, with more prominent credit for the largest statistics contributors on the CFLdb Statistics contributor page. The contributor list does, then, reflect the true owners of the site, those that research, compile and contribute data and corrections.


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