November 2019 Release Notes

Published on December 1, 2019 8:17 PM by dbo.

The November 2019 release notes for the CFLdb family of sites highlights additional changes to the CFLdb Statistics site. Read on to discover more.

The following changes have been made to CFLdb since the last report:

  • Bug: Fixed layout issues with Glossary pages as a result of design changes..

The following changes have been made to CFLdb Statistics since the last report:

  • Data: Added 2019 player awards, all-stars and roster updates.
  • Data: Various other data updates (over 640 updates, additions and deletions this month).
  • Enhancement: Continued usability work on various pages.
  • Enhancement: Added coaching summary to person pages when applicable. Redirected coach pages to person pages, providing single page with individuals details.
  • Enhancement: Added link to Database Stats page on home page, linking to Dashboard page of database stats.
  • Bug: Fix all-star summary, indicating “—” rather than None when player has received All-Canadian selection but no division selections.

Along with numerous other cosmetic, data, performance, administrative, or infrastructure related bug fixes and enhancements (38 commits this month).


With the season complete, I will be working on backend changes from now until the new year. After backend changes are complete, a revisit of CFLdb Statistics site will continue with design improvements and additional data presented. Plans for improving the database contents are in the works for next year. When the site is on new footings, I plan to continue to change the organization and flow of the site as I have been developing ideas for improved navigation.

Contributions, Corrections and Suggestions

Send all contributions, corrections and suggestions to me via methods found on the Contact page. All contributions are credited, with more prominent credit for the largest statistics contributors on the CFLdb Statistics contributor page. The contributor list will, therefore, reflect the true owners of the site, those that research, compile and contribute data and corrections.


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