October 2018 Release Notes

Published on November 2, 2018 9:33 PM by dbo.

The October 2018 release notes for the CFLdb family of sites is highlighted by data updates to the statistics site. Read on to learn more.

The following changes have been made to CFLdb since the last report:

  • Bug: Show Not Found instead of error page when FAQ category not found.

The following changes have been made to CFLdb Statistics since the last report:

  • Data: Added/updated SRFU data contributed by Chris Sinclair for 1930-1936.
  • Data: Corrected 2014 Player Participation numbers based on official CFL stats.
  • Data: Over 400 data updates, additions and deletions were made since the last update.
  • Bug: Fix/make consistent season roster/player participation warning wording.
  • Bug: Fix Grey Cup count on dashboard.
  • Bug: Spelling fixes.

Along with numerous other cosmetic, data, performance, administrative, or infrastructure related bug fixes and enhancements (12 commits this month).

Thanks to contributors Chris and Warren this month.

Contributions, Corrections and Suggestions

Send all contributions, corrections and suggestions to me via methods found on the Contact page. All contributions are credited, with more prominent credit for the largest statistics contributors on the CFLdb Statistics home page. The home page will, therefore, reflect the true owners of the site, those that research, compile and contribute data and corrections.


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October 2018 Release Notes was published on November 2, 2018 9:33 PM by dbo.

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