September 2018 Release Notes

Published on September 30, 2018 10:38 PM by dbo.

The September 2018 release notes for the CFLdb family of sites is highlighted by additions and improvements to the statistics site. Read on to learn more.

The following changes have been made to CFLdb Statistics since the last report:

  • Data: Added SRFU data contributed by Chris Sinclair for 1907-1929. Included additions of teams, leagues, divisions, stadiums and 131 game results.
  • Data: Over 300 data updates, additions and deletions were made since the last update.
  • Enhancement: Calculate off of CFL game stats and display Turnover on Downs, 2nd Down Conversions, Two and Outs, and Points on Turnovers on game pages team stat sections (2005+ seasons). These stats are lightly validated and considered experimental. I welcome additional auditing to discover errors and edge cases not handled. Stats should not be considered official, but only 80% accurate and treated accordingly.
  • Bug: Fixed bug in standings record ordering, which caused incorrect ordering of tied groups with different number of games played.
  • Bug: Show only valid games on league playoff summaries.

Along with numerous other cosmetic, data, performance, administrative, or infrastructure related bug fixes and enhancements (25 commits this month).

Thanks to contributor Chris this month.

The Future

CFLdb Statistics has grown rapidly from its inception in 2011. Historical game results that were never considered in the initial site concept have been added, along with additional information (player rosters) and sources of information (official game statistics). As a result, I have decided to rework the site with these additional factors, data and sources taken into consideration to provide a solid foundation for future growth. As a result, enhancements and updates to the current site will be limited to bug fixes only while the new site is developed. If all goes well, a preview of the basics of the new site may be available by start of the 2019 season.

Contributions, Corrections and Suggestions

Send all contributions, corrections and suggestions to me via methods found on the Contact page. All contributions are credited, with more prominent credit for the largest statistics contributors on the CFLdb Statistics home page. The home page will, therefore, reflect the true owners of the site, those that research, compile and contribute data and corrections.


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September 2018 Release Notes was published on September 30, 2018 10:38 PM by dbo.

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