Rulebook Updated to 2018 Version

Published on July 2, 2018 8:02 PM by dbo.

CFLdb is happy to announce that the Official Playing Rules for the Canadian Football League 2018 is now available in searchable permalink web format on CFLdb. Besides the ten documented changes, there are additional changes to the pages; undocumented updates from the CFL, and missed updates from previous versions on CFLdb. If you detect a problem with the 2018 version published here, please let me know so it may be corrected.

Keen observers have noted that the updated rulebook was soft-launched yesterday, and have been reviewing the changes since.

Keeping all material, sources and links current and accurate on CFLdb takes a lot of effort, and the rulebook is no exception. A time-consuming process (that falls in the middle of summer when I’d rather be not performing rulebook updates), it is easy for changes to slip though unnoticed, especially with missed rulebooks and undocumented changes. I welcome independent audits and comparisons to identify errors or missed changes. Anyone who compares CFLdb‘s online version versus the official PDF version for differences and reports them to me will be greatly appreciated. All reports will be reviewed and corrected immediately and contributions credited as desired.


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Rulebook Updated to 2018 Version was published on July 2, 2018 8:02 PM by dbo.

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