June 2017 Release Notes

Published on June 30, 2017 5:14 PM by dbo.

The June 2017 release notes for the CFLdb family of sites includes some major enhancements to CFLdb Statistics.

  • Data: Corrected the grad football program for 18 Junior players.
  • Data: Updated database with CFL identifiers for games from 2004-2017.
  • Data: Fixed attendance differences for numerous between league numbers and database numbers from 2010-2016. Then it became unclear whether there was errors on their side on mine, so I ended updates until more investigation/validation of numbers could occur.
  • Data: Fixed linescores for a few games in recent seasons that didn’t match game score, discovered by CFL audit.
  • Data: Added retire date tracking to the database, and populated for over 50 players, displaying on player details pages when known.
  • Data: Added 2016 stadium instance with new capacity for Commonwealth Stadium based on media reports and set 2016 and 2017 games to use new stadium instance.
  • Data: Added 2017 supplemental draft picks.
  • Data: Added American broadcasters to 2017 schedule to the end of August.
  • Enhancement: Fixed problem displaying player career stats, then fixed the problem the fix caused (d’oh).
  • Enhancement: Expanded seasons player page links appear on to 2015. More seasons to be linked in July.
  • Enhancement: On game pages from 2004-present, load boxscore statistics derived from CFL provided game data. Included are scoring summary, team statistics and individual passing, receiving and rushing statistics. For an example, see June 28th OTT @ CGY.
  • Enhancement: For regular season games, display the game sequence number of regular season as well as overall on game pages.
  • Enhancement: Parse CFL provided stadium conditions and display on game pages when available 2003-present.
  • Enhancement: Remove commissioner section from league season pages when unknown.
  • Enhancement: Improved team head-to-head record “(Since xxxx)” years on team portal pages to reflect later date of opposition formation or team formation.
  • Enhancement: Redesigned City pages, with more information, and information organized and grouped better.
  • Enhancement: Added total attendance for year to season Attendance widget for league and teams.
  • Bug: Removed player age displaying on player detail page when known deceased and adjusted wording.
  • Bug: Change wording when no grad program or unknown grad program.
  • Bug: Changed draft round position to ordinal.
  • Bug: Fix errors occurring on league and season pages due to new widgets and start of new season.
  • Bug: Identify and fix bug affecting tied team ordering in standings early in season when no divisional play.
  • Bug: Fixed preseason week numbers appearing incorrectly on team season previous result/upcoming schedule section.
  • Bug: Added wording and fixed z-order issue on position dropdown on team all-time roster pages.
  • Bug: Fixed CFL game link addresses, removed old dead game links and added new links for all games available on CFL.ca
  • Bug: Fixed numerous bugs (after release) parsing inconsistencies in CFL play logs to make scoring summary more accurate.

Along with numerous other performance, administrative, or infrastructure related bug fixes and enhancements.

CFL Game Stats

With access to the CFL API, games in the database have been synced with the CFL ids. This allows game statistics available from the CFL API to be displayed on game pages. For now, the boxscore has been filled out with the game scoring summary, team and individual stats. CFLdb manipulates the CFL data to display in this format. This involves parsing, calculating and grouping. As such, if you see errors, you can help improve the site by reporting them. This data is not part of the database and cannot be queried.

Enhancements will continue to be added to display additional computed statistics from the data available from the CFL.


  • Changes to CFLdb Statistics to reflect community purpose (did not get released this month).
  • Work on more frequent updates of data from CFL.
  • Continue to work on unique CFLdb content.
  • Provide access to CFLdb data to the community.

Contributions, Corrections and Suggestions

Send all contributions, corrections and suggestions to me via methods found on Contact page. All contributions are credited, with more prominent credit for largest contributors coming soon.


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