December 2016 Release Notes

Published on January 3, 2017 8:23 PM by dbo.

The December 2016 improvements include some additions and fixes to the Statistics site.

The following fixes and enhancements have been made to CFLdb Statistics since the last report:

  • Data: Added All-Star Teams (CFL [All-Canadian] dating back to 1962, division/league all-stars dating back to 1937 for WIFU, 1932 for IRFU) viewable on league season page.
  • Data: Added Grey Cup MVPs (Most Valuable Player, Canadian Player, Defensive Player when applicable) to database, visible on Grey Cup game pages.
  • Data: Added 2016 rosters and unofficial player participation numbers (does not include 2-man reserve scratches, so numbers are inflated. Will be corrected when official numbers are published).
  • Data: Shortened nickname of Montreal Amateur Athletic Association teams to Montreal AAA.
  • Data: Added some source links, boxscores and game attendances to 1942 ORFU service club games.
  • Data: Fixed some person name misspellings.
  • Enhancement: Add filter on team roster pages to filter by player position.
  • Enhancement: Display league and team best and worst records in regular season on league and team home pages.
  • Enhancement: Show number of division/league titles (finished first in regular season) and years on team pages.
  • Bug: Misc. small corrections to the site.

Up Next

My next focus will be to work on the organization and display of data, while looking for additional data to mine and aggregate out of the database to display. This includes expanding the visibility of league and division All-Stars.


If you see numbers or information that is obviously wrong, please give me a heads up so they may be corrected and misinformation does not remain present on the site for other visitors and is not spread. All errors are embarrassing and I work to correct them as soon as reported.


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