November 2016 Release Notes

Published on December 3, 2016 4:47 PM by dbo.

The November 2016 improvements include some additions and fixes to the Statistics site.

Along with the continual updates to current data, the following fixes and enhancements have been made to CFLdb Statistics since the last report:

  • Data: Added QRFU and Dominion Championship game results, courtesy of Robert Sproule. This involved the addition/update of 258 games. Also completed was linking to the game summaries for these and ARFL/CGYRFU games and season summary documents completed by Robert Sproule.
  • Data: Fixed some data issues relating to CGYRFL/ARFU import.
  • Data: Fixed some other data issues discovered reviewing the site.
  • Enhancement: Show standing points on game page details when not the standard 2 point game in standings (for non-CFL leagues).
  • Enhancement: Add half values (when games were only divided into halves) to trail/lead summary.
  • Enhancement: Show jersey numbers on Grey Cup game pages for both teams on years >= 1985, increased from 2010.
  • Enhancement: Show sources on league season pages when present.
  • Bug: Fixed Google Maps not appearing on stadium pages.
  • Bug: Fixed menus not working in some browsers (all sites).
  • Bug: Fix Next Game wording when a neutral site game.
  • Bug: Fix bug so standings display for 1956-1960 CFC/CFL seasons.
  • Bug: Various other backend improvements and fixes.

Up Next

Researchers wanting to make data contributions must contact me in advance to discuss format, etc. to reduce my workload. Unsolicited donations not providing advance notice in this way will be given low priority to add to the site.

A slight repositioning of the site and purpose is expected to be complete in December. Additional data (All-Stars, Grey Cup MVPs) are being prepped to be added. The addition of reporting compiled or aggregated data out of the database is also a high priority. In addition, some backend work and improvements are required this off-season.


If you see numbers or information that is obviously wrong, please give me a heads up so they may be corrected and misinformation does not remain present on the site for other visitors and is not spread. All errors are embarrassing and I work to correct them as soon as reported.


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