Aug/Sept 2016 Release Notes

Published on September 30, 2016 5:14 PM by dbo.

The August/September 2016 improvements focus on adding additional data, correcting data and fixing standings bugs. Read on for more details.

Since the last report, the following fixes and enhancements have been made to CFLdb Statistics:

  • Data: Added game results for Alberta Rugby Football League (1907), Calgary Rugby Football League (1908-1910), Alberta Rugby Football Union (1911-1936) and Northwestern Football League (1937).
    • A total of 184 games added, 65 games updated for a total of 249 games affected. Fifteen game links were added, and 23 boxscores. Robert Sproule contributed information for 27 games (including location, game time and complete scoring summary [to be added]) from 1907-1910 and Chris Sinclair contributed information for 246 games from 1908-1937.
  • Data: Corrected many data issues with MRFU data import added in June 2015.
  • Data: Refactored standings compiler, identifying and correcting multiple issues with tiebreakers. Added standings order audit to detect incorrect order. All IRFU/WIFU/CFC/CFL season standings show the correct order now along with contributed leagues MRFU and ARFU based on contributor specified order.
  • Data: Updated Percival Molson Memorial Stadium capacity for 2014, 2015 and 2016 to 23,500 (hat tip to Tim Capper for reporting — Tim has reported many issues before unacknowledged). New capacity percentages for 2016 will be updated with the next attendance compilation, historical seasons will be updated with the planned attendance refactor and recompilation.
  • Data: Added and updated games in 1920’s through 1950’s, including game links, attendance and game times.
  • Data: Completed Hall of Fame game indicators for seasons 1984-1991 and 1998-2016. If you have information on Hall of Fame Games for seasons 1992-1997 or pre-1984, please contact me.
  • Bug: Standardized headings, cleaned up some grammar in reference to team names.
  • Bug: Fixed issue in league standings pages that disabled year navigation links.
  • Bug: Corrected issue with Ottawa Rough Riders Grey Cup appearances and wins because of 1940 2-game total point series (hat tip to Francois Rodrigue for reporting this).
  • Bug: Corrected issue with 1940 Grey Cup appearing as Dominion Championship.
  • Bug: Fix 2016 Game links to CFL game stats and summary and add link to CFL Contributions.
  • Enhancement: Removed dead Grey Cup Central links.

Up Next

Adding data for CRFU, Dominion Finals and QRFU games contributed by Robert Sproule. Along with this, I plan on focusing on changes that improve the depth of information available.


If you see numbers or information that is obviously wrong, please give me a heads up so they may be corrected and misinformation does not remain present on the site for other visitors and is not spread. All errors are embarrassing and I work to correct them as soon as reported.


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