June 2016 Release Notes

Published on July 2, 2016 10:21 PM by dbo.

The June 2016 improvements address some bugs and add head-to-head records to team pages on the CFLdb Statistics site. Read on for more details.

Since the last report, the following fixes and enhancements have been made to CFLdb:

  • Update: Updated PDF and iCal schedules on the Schedules page.

Since the last report, the following fixes and enhancements have been made to CFLdb Statistics:

  • Data: Added RDS and ESPN broadcaster schedules to 2016 schedule.
  • Bug: Fixed bug in Streak query page game list.
  • Bug: Improved responsive schedule page display on small screens.
  • Bug: Fixed Division by Zero error on point rankings.
  • Bug: Fixed High/Low rating game not displayed when highest rating split across multiple broadcasters.
  • Bug: Fixed Draft results not appearing on season pages except for current year.
  • Enhancement: Added Head-to-Head records on team pages. See below for details.
  • Enhancement: Adjusted game links for the new CFL.ca.
  • Enhancement: Updated Depth Chart links.
  • Enhancement: Updated game result automation to accommodate source site changes.
  • Enhancement: Miscellaneous wording improvements, changes and additions.
  • Enhancement: Various backend improvements.

Head-to-Head Records

Regular season head-to-head records are added to team pages for the nine original CFL franchises. This is meant to mimic the head-to-head record section on the team pages in the old CFL Facts, Figures and Records annual publication. Head-to-Head is an experimental feature at this time.

Records are calculated against all instances of original CFL franchise teams in each season as per the wishes of the CFL and the member clubs.

  • BC Lions (Since 1954) (Vancouver Grizzlies and earlier teams not counted)
  • Calgary Stampeders (Since 1945) (Calgary Bronks and earlier incarnations not counted)
  • Edmonton Eskimos (Since 1949) (earlier incarnations of the Eskimos are not counted)
  • Hamilton (Since 1909) (Hamilton Tiger-Cats, IRFU members Hamilton Wildcats and Hamilton Tigers counted)
  • Montreal (Since 1946) (Montreal Alouettes and Concordes are counted. Earlier Montreal teams are not counted)
  • Ottawa (Since 1909) (Ottawa Rough Riders, Senators, Renegades and RedBlacks are counted)
  • Saskatchewan (Since 1910) (Regina Rugby Club, Regina Roughriders, Saskatchewan Roughriders are counted)
  • Toronto Argonauts (Since 1909)
  • Winnipeg (Since 1913) (Winnipeg Tigers, Winnipeg Tammany Tigers, Winnipegs, Winnipeg Blue Bombers are counted)
  • USA (USA based teams 1993-1995)
  • Other (any other team not listed above that provided opposition in the regular season)

If I’ve made any error in the lineage of the teams or in the head-to-head record results please report to me so it may be corrected.

Up Next

The summer will be spent working on adding data from two donations from Western and Eastern leagues.


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