May 2016 Release Notes

Published on June 5, 2016 8:42 PM by dbo.

The May 2016 improvements address some bugs and make league and team streak records available on the CFLdb Statistics site. Read on for more details.

Since the last report, the following fixes and enhancements have been made to CFLdb:

  • Enhancement: Added Team Postcard schedules to schedules page.

Since the last report, the following fixes and enhancements have been made to CFLdb Statistics:

  • Data: Fixed some duplicate persons.
  • Data: Corrected roster assignment for the Winnipegs 1936 and 1937 seasons.
  • Bug: Fixed error when visiting Draft home page directly or without referrer.
  • Bug: Fixed incorrect league year-over-year variance appearing on home page, league season page and league season attendance page.
  • Bug: Fixed incorrect URL for season draft pages from player searches. URLs were not failing, but used the incorrect league for the draft year.
  • Bug: Fixed page titles and headings to reflect proper team naming standard for team pages.
  • Bug: Fixed and improved suggestions appearing on 404 (Page Not Found) pages.
  • Enhancement: Added Longest Streaks to League home pages and Longest Streak query page. Streak functionality is currently in experimental mode. See below for details.
  • Enhancement: Added née (born) capability. Three players — David Sidoo, Mark Verbeek, and Mustafah Muhammad — to my knowledge — changed their name during the course of their life. Throughout the site they are listed as their current name, with their birth name now noted. If you know of more, please let me know. Searching by birth name will also return results for the appropriate player.
  • Enhancement: Added round success table to draft season pages.
  • Enhancement: Miscellaneous wording improvements, changes and additions.


The top three Winning, Unbeaten, Losing and Winless streaks by location are listed by length on the League home pages with a link to the experimental Streak query page. On the streak query page, you can query for the longest of each type of streak and specifying criteria for Mode (Overall, Home, or Road), League, Span (All-Time, Season, Start of Season, or End of Season), Season (Regular Season, Regular and Playoffs, Playoffs, or All) as well as by team and opposition if desired. For consistency, and preference to more recent, ties are listed in descending order of the streak start date.


All my testing has shown the query to produce accurate results for the core historical data with the exceptions noted in the Known Issues section below. The streak information is based on the game results (and accounts for forfeited games) which is provided to the database for IRFU (since 1909), WIFU (since 1936), CFC and CFL by the CFL. When selecting All leagues, queries are against information in the database from other contributors that has not been verified and may be incomplete, which would result in errors in reporting streaks. Therefore, it is recommended to use CFL (Modern) or CFL (Historical) for accurate results and the All leagues option for research only that is independently validated before publishing.

Differences between the query results using the CFL (Historical) league parameter and the CFL 2014 Facts, Figures and Records publication require explanation. While I am not certain, there appears to be logical reasoning for the differences. As a print publication with limited space, FFR limits the streaks published, attempting to list the longest streak for each team, not listing duplicate streak lengths for teams. Streaks from defunct teams are not listed, meaning streaks from non-Alouette Montreal teams are absent. As a web site, CFL Statistics Streaks does not have these limitations, and so lists all streaks.

Known Issues

The process currently doesn’t handle changes in team names, which results in some differences from the official record. For instance, when a streak begins with a team named A, but continues when the team is named B, that is seen as two streaks, and not combined as one as you would expect. Correcting this issue will occur with a future enhancement.

The teams this affects are:

  • Ottawa Senators/Rough Riders (Longest Losing and Winless Streaks, Overall and Home)
  • Montreal Alouettes/Concordes (Longest Losing and Winless Streaks, Road)
  • Merger of Hamilton Tigers/Wildcats
  • querying streaks for any other team that underwent a name change

This also affects the reporting of the date a streak ended. Teams that changed names and had a streak end under the new name will report streak ended when team disbanded which is inaccurate.


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