April 2016 Release Notes

Published on May 1, 2016 3:17 PM by dbo.

The April 2016 improvements added expanded roster information, new search capabilities and roster audit information on the CFLdb Statistics site. Read on for more details.

Since the last report, the following fixes and enhancements have been made to CFLdb Statistics:

  • Data: Added roster classifications for 1985 – 2004 seasons
  • Data: Added partial jersey information for 1985, 1986 and 2000 – 2004 seasons. Jersey number contributions are welcome
  • Data: Fixed errors found in a few players, draft picks, player participation and team seasons
  • Data: Added a game score, additional game links and sources
  • Bug: Fixed opposition record compilation for teams, cities and stadium that was incorrectly recording record for forfeited games and recompiled affected years
  • Bug: Disabled team links on league season pages when league suspended
  • Enhancement: Added search on draft home page that only searches draft picks and populate search field with query when arrive from search engine query
  • Enhancement: Added anchor link to team schedule on team season page
  • Enhancement: Updated CFL.ca stats links on team and league season pages for years 2004 to present
  • Enhancement: Added visible audit information checks on team player participation pages for years 1985 to present
    • There are errors in CFL provided data, either in original source or in entry, involving player classification and games played and the CFLdb compiled data for 2014-15 which does not include roster scratches.
    • The audit tests the min number of games played for non-import/national players, max number of games played for import/international players and quarterbacks and total games played for all players based on roster limits and games in the season against actual games played. For an explanation of audits, see below.
    • Audit tests do not catch all errors, but common errors. All audits may show green but errors still may exist.
    • Review and identification of errors causing tests to fail are welcome. Please send me corrections and I will update accordingly.

My focus for future improvements will be on improving the site features and data displayed. Going forward, I will limit myself to adding or improving data from contributions only.

Planned for May is adding more traditional opposition records for active teams and streak records for teams and league. I also have a major donation of historical data to start analyzing and preparing for addition to the database. Further work will also be done on audits, documentation and better soliciting corrections.

Player Roster Size and Classification Audits

Games played total for player classifications import/international, non-import/international and quarterback are compared against the maximum and minimum requirements of a team’s active roster for a given season.

For example, the BC Lions totals from their 1988 roster page is shown below. Rules required a maximum of 14 imports dressed per game (maximum as they could dress less), for a max total of 252. This test passes since the total GP for imports is 251. At the same time, a minimum of 20 non-imports were required to be dressed per game (minimum as they could dress more at the expense of import positions), for a min total of 360. This test fails since the total GP for non-imports is 251. The quarterback position passes as well, and the total roster size passes as it does not exceed the maximum number of games played, though due to the aforementioned errors, they are 2 games played short of the roster requirements. This is likely because 1 import and 1 non-import player have not been credited with all games they were active for.

Another example is the BC Lions totals from their 1989 roster page shown below. All classifications appear green as passing their tests, but the Total fails. This is because additional games played are found for non-import players (6 total over the season), but the full complement of imports were dressed, making the total roster size over the limit by 6 games. This is likely the result of non-import players being credited with games played they did not dress for.

There are other errors that can happen. Sometimes players are mis-classified as imports/non-imports, and correcting will balance the numbers.

Any review of the numbers and identification of errors that are causing the audit failures is greatly appreciated. This requires a tremendous amount of time, patience and diligence. I wish to remain focussed on improving the site and not performing football research, which is not a task I enjoy so I value all contributions of those that do this greatly and provide those contributors all visible credit on the site. Please contact me with any corrections or information you have and wish to contribute.


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