February 2016 Release Notes

Published on February 15, 2016 9:44 PM by dbo.

February 15th, 2016 saw a substantial addition of historical games to CFLdb Statistics. Read on for more details.

This update covers primarily the western leagues (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Vancouver) prior to 1936 and the formation of the WIFU, but also includes ORFU and Inter-collegiate league results. The years covered is 1928 to 1935, with additional games from 1925, 1938 and 1940 also added or updated. In total 518 games were added and 157 games were updated (from game time to attendance to other details). A total of 281 game links were added along with 258 boxscores, as well as 30 new teams, 3 new cities, and 6 new stadiums.

The span of games cover exhibition, regular season and playoff games, including the Hamilton Tigers exhibition tour of western clubs in 1930 and the Sarnia Imperials tour in 1935, along with a number of other exhibition matches.

This is a major step in completing the record of games for these leagues during these years, but they are not complete. I started compiling this data over four years ago if memory serves me and it is not complete. Rather than delay any longer adding it to the site, I have done so now with the intent others can find omissions and errors. In the future, i will focus my efforts on a single season only. The pre-1928 years still remain and need the majority of games added for these leagues. A lot of effort remains to complete adding this data and improving the quality and completeness of each game, team and season.

League standings have been updated for the years affected. Weather and attendance compilation updates are pending. Other fixes and tweaks to the data and code have been made to fix errors, oversights and issues the data has caused. Numerous hours were spend auditing, testing, and reviewing the data and the site, fixing many mistakes and errors. Despite those efforts, I am sure there are more, please do report any issues you see with the site in the data or how it is displayed. (I see issues with ORFU already. Update: Now fixed).

CFLdb Statistics now has over 15,000 pages with over 10,000 external links to sources. My next efforts will be to improve and stabilize the code base before any additional data is researched or added by myself.


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